Monday, April 30, 2007

The Average Bookman Entry

I Joined RadiusIM because I thought wrong, but then I found out it was cool, See Radius IM is similar to the IM client used on "KoolIM and Ebuddy (or what ever the name is) .. but yet its like the thing from "Goowy also (because you have to be a member) THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE IS.. that it Tracks people who are using Radius IM in your area .. which is COOL! .. i like it! ..

I Joined Traineo, The Social Network for people who want to get in shape .. I guess thats gonna be hard to do

IMEEM's Messanger is what I was Looking for too!!, Yeah You have to be a member of Imeem to use it and you have to download it, but it allows you to use muliple messanger services aswell.. My purpose for this is the fact that I dont want to put Trillian or AOL or any others that are SLOW and put alot of crap in your system. ya know :D..

Nigga Space, (I will not post the link) ... It's Myspace for people who identify themselfs as "NIGGAS". I refuse to Join, so I used Bugmenot to Log in to see what its about ... so I . Looooooooooooooogged In.. Because the Server is SLOOOOW .. Gotta Be a "Nigga" to have a Slow/cheap Server, .. Okay Okay... From what i read.. "Tyrone The Creator" Says that the site wasnt ment to be Negitive, But Yet All of the "Niggas" on there have Nude Pictures of themselves doing all kinds of Unthinkable things. From what I see, This Brotha doesnt give a care that there are other men on his slow server posting their penises everwhere.... Or that there are females Posting their Vaginas everywhere!... and Next to that The gallery has pics of Them, Their Kids and everything else.. Did I mention that there are people of All Races on the site??... Keeping the Label alive eh? // shame ..

Other than that.. That Layout or Template/Script for the site is also used by Other up and coming Social Networks.

HBCU Connect
wants people to register before they do anything there now .. i guess that makes it more easier for them to stop spam, It also Makes them More like FACEBOOK, HBCU Connect has been around WAY before facebook, I've been a member for a while. so i was able to log in with my Old email address. HBCU Connect even had "The Facebook of HBCU's" on their site once.. To me, it has way too much content, so it s hard to Read things at times

We'll thats it for The Web Stuff

Note From The Book
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