Friday, May 11, 2018

One App and the Need for Good Schools

Patrick Dobard is the former leader of the Recovery School District and was once on the BESE. He now is the leader of a charter system in NOLA,  He wrote column via basically stating why he believes  OneApp isn't the problem,  I don't totally disagree with him, but here's what caught my eye.

He says "Our children's futures are not a game of musical chairs." The problem is that It has been just that. it's the fault of both One App and the Charter model.

Check The Screenshot:

Here's why I feel It's both:

Charter Schools are required to use it as a selective process. Thus eliminating the option to attend a school in your neighborhood.

There have always been few Good Schools in New Orleans. The Master Plan was turnaround failing schools by bringing in Charters. Those systems have failed due to how they operated.  Unqualified teachers & faculty lead to unaccredited courses and students being unable to pass classes nor state exams. Those charters have gotten revoked and replaced only for the same cycle to continue.

To my knowledge, The one app selection process allows the parent to choose from a limited number of schools which their children qualify to attend.  GPA's Matter for the Good Schools and seating is limited.  If those schools have reached their capacity,  The lower ranking schools become your only options.  If the student doesn't qualify for any of the schools selected, They're automatically bound for a failing school with open enrollment.

Other factors include special needs accommodations, Extra Curricular Activities, and other academic programs or special interests. When a school isn't equipt with the needs of a student, Parents may not want their child enrolled there. It's possible for One App to choose a school that doesn't appeal to the parents and their kids. The only real hoorah for Charters themselves is to say the Schools before Katrina was worse.

Example: Fortier becoming Lusher wasn't a turnaround, that was a takeover.
It was for a good reason, but still a takeover. Katrina made it easier for Lusher's expansion.  With nobody here, they renovated and restored the building.  They opened up to a limited student body. You had to be in the Lusher system, Qualify with the GPA OR be the child of Tulane University Faculty.  Under this model, no former Fortier students would have been able to attend anyway. That's pretty much what all Successful Charters are doing.

For Failing Chapters, they close, get Rechartered, They get renamed becoming a new school with a new standard.  Whoever doesn't qualify has to attend the next failing school.  The cycle repeats itself continuously.

it just is, what it is!

- Book

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

It was all a dream.


I had this dream I was on a remote island in the Caribbean. I lived in an area where the homes were on stilts due to the streets flooding when it rains. The view from the window of my home was the ocean. In the distance, there were mountainous boulders. I wanted to take pictures, but I didn't bring the DSLR. So, I pulled out my phone. The screen was fogged out. I tried to open Foursquare to check in, it didn't work. I left the premises for a closer view of the ocean. I took a walk but decided to turn around after I noticed the flooded streets in the distance.

While on my way back to the house, I spotted a group of people on the opposite the street.  Two women, two girls, and one boy. They had Deep Latin accents but sounded New Orleans based. They were all about my skin tone.  One of the girls called me from a distance. "Hey Book! Can you let Jaren know that we have practice early tomorrow?" I responded back, "Yeah!" (I'm unaware who Jaren is.)

When I made it home, Jaren's in the front room playing video games with a few others. (I didn't see Jaren's face, only his back, and side) We were there talking about marching band. There was a knock at the door. It was the girls that asked about Jaren. So, I called him to the door. "Jaren, you have friends at the door. Go get your horn."
Jaren replies, "Alright Dad!"


He walked out of the door, Thunder Struck, it began to rain. I looked at the faces of everybody in the room. Only one of the faces were familiar, A woman. (I won't say who.) I Looked out the window. It fogged up.

I Woke Up.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Doing This Resume Got Interesting

I was up All night filling out this resume at Louisiana Works HiRE page.
The Automated Service portion helped me choose fields of expertise. It also forced me to realize how my education does not reflect anything I've ever done. The job titles merely describe what I was hired to do, but They don't reflect the positions I've held.

I've taken part in a lot of things adapting roles for free, but I'm not officially qualified to do any of the jobs I've ever done. I have no degrees. Yeah, That's my fault though. My lack of education can't be justified. being unemployed so long can't be justified either. Though I've volunteered many places. I haven't been in a paid situation in years. My talents have granted me random opportunities to freelance.

The Reasons I haven't worked. 
I fear injury. I have had problems with my spine since forever, there are things I can't legally do. So I haven't disclosed that information in my resume. I'm not clinically disabled nor medically handicapped. (Same thing, right?) I have yet to visit a doctor to determine my medical status. Though I had surgery on my lower back in 2003, I still live in pain.

My Skills don't reflect My Education.
Most of the things I've done were all granted to me for the things I've shown that I can do. Yet I have no track record of employment nor in the education field that says I can officially take on the job. I'm a college drop out still paying back what I owe. 

I Told the Truth on my Resume
Yet I'm not prepared. That's my downfall. I'm talented. That's all I can offer is what I can do. Without direct and consistent proof, nobody will hire me. Volunteerism helps, but It's not compensation. 

I just wanna be free!
- Book

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

The Strong Black Woman

The Myth of the Strong Black Woman is hand in hand with the Reality of the woman who proclaims the title.Be You. Never overwhelm yourself with stress in an attempt to conquer all. It doesn't work that way. It's all expectation based on a perception you created for yourself. The truth is, you are strong. We all cry sometimes.We all hurt sometimes, but we can't be everything for everybody. We're only Human. It's a Complex.

These are my thoughts based on a video I saw via facebook. (below)