Saturday, January 14, 2017

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Below are my thoughts as written on as of today:

I've been very lenient with my moderating of the things here on due to past complaints. I've added moderators over the years to assist me in making things better. The way I see things is, It could be worse. The dance forum has been our strongest asset, but it's also one of the reasons the band community isn't here.

I moderate on basic forum etiquette, conduct, and appropriation but since 2012, I made a decision to let you all have your freedom. The Moderators have come and gone, the ones I have now are okay. I'm unsure how they do their duties because we have no rules to moderating. Generally, I've asked our moderators to be the judge. It's Them who decide what's appropriate for

We haven't had any major issues beyond personal attacks. Arguments get that heated, but of course, there are limitations, we can't allow those to remain, Whether we do or don't members complain about what the moderators are doing. Personally, I am a fan of the images, smack talk, clap-backs, etc. but there's a point where it gets distracting. That's when we have to shut it down.

These days, Nobody follows the standards of netiquette/forum etiquette/ we treat everything as a blog post with a comment section, rather than a mass discussion. What we fail to realize there is, as members, we are contributors. We contribute to this site's image and perception.In my opinion, going back to the using old standards of etiquette on forums would be a great thing from a member and moderating stance. Do I have that kind of time? No, but I can make It work.

We've had recent highlights in two publications. One of them was the Smithsonian magazine. The other highlight was an NPR article which highlighted member commentary from a post regarding Talladega's decision to march the inauguration. Although this is great, It's a clear reminder that we have an influence in our online presence. We also an audience, and we shouldn't ignore them. We represent The HBCU marching band community both internally and externally.
Ultimately, I ask of you all be mindful of the things you share. Also, please be sure to cite your sources. It's important for reference purposes.

It is fair to say that we need to reevaluate how we post, This is a forum full of opinion, but we as members do have a responsibility, It's to make this site a community worthy of visiting, and joining. We don't want to scare people away by trolling them etc. Our goal has never been to be the most credible source, but, to be a reliable source of information and for entertainment for our band community.
The many groups on other social media platforms don't equate to We view this site as a service to the community. We greatly value your membership. It's up to you to make this site great again.
Book, Administrator.

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Phone Brand, Models and Operating Systems.

I find myself posting about the use of mobile devices on facebook a lot.More specifically, cellular phones. Most phone users only know the brand and model they are using. Many don't have a clue about the operating system they're on. If you aren't sure, that's okay. But, if you plan on starting a fanboy argument, the least you could do is make the right comparisons.

  • Brand vs. model. 
  • Operating system vs. brand. 
  • Service provider vs. brand or model

In conversations as such, it's not fair to say iPhone is better than T-Moble because T-Mobile is a service provider that sells iPhones.

Here's a legend for the masses:

Apple is the Brand. (and Original Equipment Manufacturer.)
iPhone is a device.
iPhone 7 is a model.
iOS is the operating system.

Microsoft is a brand. (and OEM)
Lumia is a device.
Lumia 950 is a model.
Windows is an operating system.

Google - brand. (and OEM)
Pixel - device.
Pixel Silver - model.
Android - operating system.

Samsung is a brand. (and OEM)
Samsung phone is a device.
Galaxy S is a model.
Galaxy Note is a model.
Android is an operating system.

It's way deeper than that when discussing the entire makeup of each device. Though each brand makes their own products, Samsung doesn't produce its own operating system.Samsung Operating systems are provided via a license agreement with Microsoft and Google. On top of that, they were even sued for products having a touch screen technology patented by Apple. Therefore Samsung wouldn't be the company it is today if You, the consumer didn't buy their products There are your major differences. lol

Everybody Struggles

All through life, we are introduced to examples of success. Though many mediums we've gotten to know everything about our favorite celebrities. It's typical to dream of having their wealth and status. We do it because we assume they are living well. What kills it for us is when we find out about their struggles, it validates our reasons to not want live their lives.

Aside from being in the public eye via tabloids or in the news. Celebrities lead more public lives. We get to tap into their lives on social media, watching them share the good and sometimes the bad things. We love them all for what they do. Watching them struggle is the scary part. That's simply because we really don't want to see them down and out.

It's easy to assume they'd be happy to have fame and wealth but it's just not that simple. I grew up watching Orlando Brown On TV. I thought he would grow up to have a decent acting career. But nowadays he's making random tell all videos and interviews. It's easy to dismiss it all as an act, But his speech patterns and behavior are a clear sign there's something wrong. I think it's mental illness. He's a major example of why folks shouldn't desire to be in a celebrities shoes. As fans, we want them to lead a decent of a life. We have high expectations of them because they are in the limelight. We also make jokes about their problems. We do so as if we don't have friends or relatives dealing with the same thing.

At the end of the day, It's easier to just be yourself.

Black Conscious Debacle

There’s nothing wrong with considering yourself woke, conscious, enlightened, awakened, etc. Especially if it makes you a better person. But to begin to use the knowledge to belittle folks, It becomes a problem. The Problem Worsens when you associate your new found awareness with the propaganda of special interest groups.

I've spent years researching for self-enlightenment, and I've come to the conclusion that there's a limit to Black Consciousness. This is simply because the info is usually presented in a bias fashion. Bias not only by race but by the disposition of the responsible sects. Most of all, Many of these individuals use their higher intelligence in a boastful manner. They become rude and disrespectful, especially toward women. I'm not a fan of that.

Black people are openly expressing themselves with a great passion they were in back the 1960s & 70s. Some have taken upon African and Arabic aliases. Some have ditched their religions. They're even claiming to be more self-aware. This is because they follow the black conscious movement. It’s great that they thirst for knowledge. It's just bad that they've chosen to limit themselves to the subject of race.

The problem I have with the black conscious movements are simple. Followers spend their time challenging the beliefs and traditions of their peers. Questioning their intelligence brings verbal abuse. I'd respect their mission if they had respect for others.

In our community, Motivating positive actions to resolve to real problems is not easy. Addressing the problem is easy not for the individuals who blame race, religion, and government for their problems. When attempting to mobilize the conversation gets taken over by folks who would rather incite a riot. From there, everything becomes personal attacks or turns into a racist tirade. If you're going to start the conversation, it's not okay to troll the people who have a different opinion.

Confirmation bias causes them to share things they agree with, They refer to this as dropping science. The truth is that they recycle information without proper research.

In my opinion, folks getting hoodwinked into joining cults
This includes those who claim to be Anti-Religion. They're actually solely anti-Christian. They promote all the anti-Christian rhetoric from any source they find. On the contrary, they openly share the thoughts of Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad, and Non-Christians when it confirms their beliefs,

Today's movement has been proclaimed by people who feel that a Christian can't be Conscious. Those folks are simply bound by the propaganda of Black Nationalism, Pan-Africanism, and all these other movements that desire to reject religion.

Steve Biko would be furious if he were alive today. All he wanted was people to be aware of themselves and the world around them. Biko was a pastor who thought outside the box. He practically founded the black conscious movement.
Today's black conscious leaders are generally close-minded. They don't want to bridge the racial divide their moments are separatist.

In the early 2000’s I spent years researching organizations like the NOI, The BPP. The Moorish Science Timple and black Masonic Groups. I've read books, watched speeches, and documentaries featuring leaders of those groups. Accessing the information was great, but with this new knowledge, I decided to research interest of old. Doing so led me beyond the realm of black consciousness, from there everything got more interesting. It got to the point where I realized that higher conscious was beyond the racial war and I was just scratching the surface of something which has many levels

A major factor was when I began following the blogs and forum posts of knowledge seekers. For them, It was more about connecting the dots to the elements that make up the universe. I don't always agree with it. But I keep and open mind about it.

I will continue to research because I love the challenge. I take it all in stride and stay in my lane. I don’t have to claim a specific sect to be one with self, I'm beyond that. I’ve opened my mind up to the odd bits of life without losing my sense of self, nor religion the essence of my being.
There are so many other things I could say regarding these subjects. But I’ll save those specifics for another thread.

- Book

Friday, January 06, 2017

The Dating Game:

I'm not a fan of dating because it doesn't represent a legitimate relationship. When someone tells me that they are dating, it says to me that they are interested, but not ready to commit monogamously.
It tells me that you have other plans on other days to schedule quality time with other people.

It's not cool to be among your family with a guy while with others guys on your own time especially if you're having sex. I'm also not a fan of the friends with benefits thing. I don't mind having a girlfriend who has guy friends. But it's eerie for a woman to claim that every guy is her brother, play cousin or business partner, My experiences won't allow me to process this information any further without a negative thought.

I know what it's like to not be claimed, I felt horrible not being formally introduced as the boyfriend. It hurts deeply and makes you want to walk away. This made me feel like I was never the only one she was with. Turns out, I was right. I thought she was my girlfriend, I was wrong. She was dating many guys. It took me a while to realize that I was not her boyfriend, from there I began to reject her. My withdrawal subsequently led to her publically revealing a new guy. It occurred as if we never were together. I was upset, but I also was relieved because I was now free of an issue beyond my control.

I love the Idea of monogamous relationships, the term dating is just too loose for me..what's even worse is folks are just having sexual intercourse without emotions involved. The friend with benefits thing is dead to me. Having a monogamous sex partner that you don't claim to be in a relationship with is still dating, If the guy is in your house, spending nights, having sex, eating spaghetti and buying and trading gifts that guy your man, not just some random guy. That's way beyond casual dating.

Point blank, dating identifies folks who want to maintain single status.

A random encounter becomes talking, which leads to dating. After a few weeks or months of dating, If you're not in a relationship by then you should call it a friendship and stop having sexual relations. Nothing more than a waste of time.

I'm not a fan of dating. I am a fan of solid, long lasting relationships. They tend to lead to marriage.

- Book