Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Thank God for allowing that to happen

It was because of her, I was able to not only release my thoughts but have them questioned and thrown back at me, Now these are problems I need to fix in order to make myself great.  I’ve said a lot, I said too much. but that’s just me. I can’t excuse it. But I deserved and needed and wanted the responses she gave me. Therefore I am thankful for her. I really hope that We meet again and that my mind is clear.

Listening to music, made me realize that I listen to songs that are sad reflections. I need positivity and some of those songs have it. They’re just sad. Maybe I need to change my list a bit.

She Likes me and I am the problem, I am my own problem. I allowed her to say No without saying no. but she didn’t walk away. I think it’s time I limit communication for the spirit I’ve been dealing with to Wind down.

I Pray for better days, greater success and to LIVE AGAIN!
I want my life back and She reminded me that I have to take it.
Every choice I made was mine and I must own it and change it.
Dang I love her for challenging me in that way..
I value my friendships and I think she’d rather have me as a friend until I am able to “make it" … I respect that.  I told her I always wanted to be the man, but everything I’ve become, I tried to avoid and it all hit me at once.. Now I must shut up and heal, as I read in a recent blog..

To that girl.. I needed you and I let you know this, Thank you for you words.
Thank God for allowing this meet to happen. It’s just time I act and say nothing more.

Thursday, September 05, 2019

Looks like that dream is over.

I guess talking, and letting off too much information got me hit with the code words that put me in a zone  that I don't want to be in. .

In part, I did that to myself trying to speak my own truth. Living in my truth is like living in a box. Yesterday I told her that are the song called "man in the box" by Alice in Chains. That song reminds me of myself and a place where I really don't want to be..  I told her that, I don't want to believe that there is a box. But I know that this song basically Defines me.

,, there was a point where she felt like I was not telling the truth and that I was missing things, she said that it's like I am giving her pieces of information, and they don't quite fit together. That in itself made me think of another song, "pieces of a man" by Gil Scott-Heron.

And then there are also these lyrics

That's me in the corner. That's me in the spotlight Losing My Religion trying to keep up with you, but I don't know if I can do it. Oh no, I've said too much, I haven't said enough.

Loaing my Religion by R.E.M

For some reason I connect everything to music, she knows this about me, she knows a lot about me now, and I see that now she does not have any words, she's just letting me talk. I hope we continue to talk, I lost a potential love, and I gained another friend. That saddens me but I am forever grateful. Someday, someday, someday.

If anything, from what I have learned about her which is not much, LOL this is the girl I love to be with but I know that it's not going to happen anytime soon. Why, because I need to get it together.

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

I guess I should stop trying to save the world.

So I came to Houston last Thursday for a battle of the bands event. I also came to see a friend. This is a friend who I have had interest in for over a decade, I like her a lot, and finally this week we have had our first date.

So much has been said and it's so much to say, but I like her a lot. She got me to realize that much of the philosophy that I I have myself, I'm not using it for my own progress.

I have spent my days trying to do right by other people and  have slowed myself down in the process. There are things that I haven't done that I need to do to see progress in my life,  the problem is , I haven't acted upon it .  Yet I really want to act upon it, that sounds weird, but that's just the way it is.I'm at war with myself.

As for her!
This woman, if I could make this one work long-term, I would be very happy. I could say a whole lot, but in a way I can't. I would hope to make something of this. If not now, in the future, I am hopeful. And this is something that I've told her in the past and it is the sum of everything that we have actually discussed. In the end, in order to do right that someone like her, I have to get myself together. I'm just glad she likes me for me.

She brought along another friend who I've known forever up. It was great to see her as well. Honest truth I just wanted to be alone with my date, but in a way I'm glad to have had that third party.

Today hopefully I will take the lead and make this happen, I just want to do right for the right reasons. For myself

I don't live to impress people, but I do want to make everyone feel happy for me, and that's a problem because I'm not happy myself, happiness is temporary, but it is still attainable through progress, how am I going to progress if I am idle purposely, as my friend said, it's a choice. And it's time to choose to better myself.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The subject of visual change

Today I was sitting here after the last entry, getting ready go to my paint shop Pro. I was about to change up my backdrop for the blog, when I decided that you know what, everything along with sidebar was obsolete therefore I chose to delete.

There is more that will be on that side bar by end of this fall. There are many things that I would like to do. Expanding this book multimedia thing, not too far, making it something bigger than what it already is. A podcast is coming. You will hear the voice of the book. The book about to be media podcast, the note from the book podcast, whatever works.

All Is Well

We’ve been in here for 20 days now officially and we are dealing with problems with the utilities, the cable, the internet. The Plumbing, Parking, Nosey Neighbors etc.

We reside in my grandparents former home. Prior to us moving in, This was used as a “Party house” for the family. My uncle resided here, as well as some others since the death of my grandma. Here are a few of the issues with the home..

Pluming:  We were aware that one of the bathrooms wasn’t  installed due to pluming issue. In that room, you could see outside.  We now have someone going to fix all of tthis, but he doesn’t have the parts he needs. My cousin, who normally would work on the home, decided to not deal with it due to his equipment being stolen, Thus delaying his project.  With the help of my aunt, we have a someone to fix it all now,. But he needs parts. luckily my cousins equipment is here, just not everything this man needs.  We have been consulting with my aunt, my cousin and this man in the process.

On top of that though, we still don’t have Hot water due to a bad hot water tank. We’ll have a new one installed soon though.. In our Laundry room, The water from the washer backs up into the tub as well as on to the floor.  of the washroom. Something isn’t right in there. Lastly, there was a toy stuck at the end hole of the toilet. It was working badly until that was removed. Crazy right.. All’s well though.

Electricity:  I think the house is wired badly.  Certain lights  don’t work when others are powered down etc. 
Phone lines aren’t working,properly and wires are everywhere under the house from what I know.
The Flickering of the lights every time the air unit powers up.
Our WIFI is just Terrible in here.

and out neighbors just act like we don’t live here.. Their company parks in the space dedicated to this home. etc.. It’s WAY more than this. But I’m tired of writing now. LOL!

I’ll change the way this background looks and Blog sometime Later, Hopefully about something happy.