Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My eBay was compromised, just cleared everything up.

I logged into my email only to see that My eBay account had opened a store! What in the BLUE HELL! I just got off of the phone with eBay reps. Everything is cleared, no charges to my account. I've changed my Passwords and added a phone number to the account. Check out this mess.

Whoever compromised this info only changed my Phone number and likely log in password.  I immediately called the customer service to settle this. I've never sold anything on eBay.  Because of this, I changed my PayPal info and everything.  I'd assume somebody was trying to put me in the negative. Hopefully, this won't happen again.  I checked my bank account info as well. What's crazy is that the hacker had a 504 number. WOW, BRUH!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

My Niece Went In.

I haven't updated much, but I'll tell ya about this now.
My niece has been admitted to the hospital and should be having her baby girl shortly.
Weeks ago we had the baby shower, I met some of her boyfriend's family. I took pics while there of course. That was nice. But today is THE DAY! At the moment, Everybody's excited. she should have her baby any time today. It's a girl.

I'm happy for her.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

After the Nostalgia Pop.

Bands Play old band tunes make "old heads" and bandheads happy, but after that, who are you? just a band playing old songs? nostalgia only helps when adhering to tradition.not always a good thing for tune selection.

How about
: The Temptations Review"

We know the story....
In the 80's when Ollie Woodson joined the group, it was the Last Hoorah for the band. the sound was different and they made new albums up until Ollie took sick.

otherwise Blue toured with Roger Troutman as a member of Zapp, Richard Street went solo and so did Dennis Edwards

Yet Stil Dennis founded "The Temptations Review" to make money off of Nostolgia..otherwise his solo career was DONE.

Then there's the band currently functioning as "Harold Melvin's Blue Notes"
The sound may be similar to the original guys from albums,, but in essence, they're just Cover bands, once you realize they're not the guys who originally sang the songs, you no longer want to hear them. especially if trying to make New Albums.

With that said, in Marching band, It doesn't hurt to try something new.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Romance is just Literature to me.

Romance true form only exists in literature, and it is depicted on film via a script. "How do I love The? Let Me count The ways"
Long ago I understood that those perfectly scripted situations just don't happen to the average person in real life. Things as such have to be planned out pretty well. To me, it's only ceremonial. A staged situation existing only as a momentary presentation of expression to make someone emotionally consumed by the idea of love.

In other words, romance is a gimmick to be mimicked. I find it hard to express myself in that way.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Just Read the Advocate Article about Deborah Cotton's Passing

I wrote this initially on Facebook.

I can't Believe "Big Red" is gone! You'll be missed Deborah Cotton.

I met Deborah among a few NOLA Bloggers in 2009 at Octavia Books during a C-Span taping and book release of Ethan Brown's Shake The Devil Off. Long before the social media boom, I was a reader of her work, as well as her personal blog.

We became friend due to our mutual friendships (and hanging out with Lisa Palumbo) as well as our appreciation for the things that made NOLA culturally sound. It was always great to be in her presence. You could feel her spirit as bright as day, I'm shocked by her passing. She will forever be an inspiration to me.

Just the other day I mentioned to someone how great of a writer and thinker Deborah she is.
Rest In Power Deborah!

Very Sad Day in N.O.

Here's a link to the article via the Advocate (Click here)