Friday, February 09, 2018

West Jeff vs Helen Cox - Muses 2018

I Have Returned!!!!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Digital Overload: I'm featured on Mozilla's IRL Podcast!

Today my story airs on Mozilla's IRL Podcast hosted by Veronica Belmont.

Digital Overload: A hurricane Katrina survivor recalls how a post-disaster internet binge helped him recover.

This is episode 2 of the podcast: You can listen to it at the link below

More about this episode: 
  • Meighan, Melissa, Marg, and Tariq take our No Smartphone Challenge. Who wins? Who fails? Who gets almost killed playing Fruit Ninja while crossing the street?
  • Max checks into a clinic to deal with his Internet Addiction
  • Nir Eyal explains how our apps are designed to be irresistible
  • Slate's Heather Schwedel has had it with sanctimonious celebrity internet sabbaticals.

I'm happy about it. I hope all my readers check it out. I'll be honest. I was nervous. Though I love to talk, I tend to freeze up when answering questions.

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Audio Upgraded!

Although I'm still unsure if my camera is the issue. I was able to purchase the  Zoom H4n Pro as well as a lapel mic. I'll likely invest in other audio equipment soon, but it can wait because I don't need it now. My fundraiser has gained $85 so far. I believe I'll be able to attain most of the funds needed for my production. I'm not so much a filmmaker, as I am just a guy that records what I see.

The H4n is boss. Learning how to use it was simple. The hard part will be synching the audio to the video. More work for me!

Here's the link to my fundraiser

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Hopefully Upgrading The Audio Equipment

This year I plan on using an external Audio recorder, rather than using my DSLR for Audio. I should have stepped up the game years ago. With the upcoming marching season, I think it’s the perfect time to start the upgrading process.

I should have made this purchase long ago but hopefully I will do so after the the 5th of January. I have been looking into different audio devices for years and I know which one brand I want. but still ad odds about which model is right for me.

H4nPro_Front[1]I’ve been looking at the Zoom H4n Pro. This device will allow me to effectively record audio for without all the trouble I'm currently having with my condenser mike.

There’s also the Zoom H5, It’s the latest model.
(Not Pictured)  Both would do me will but I can only afford 1.  It’s basically $200.00  I’ve been looking into a bundle which comes with a Wind Muff and a hot shoe. The only problem Is, It doesn’t come with a memory card. That’s what I really need.

This Bundle at Amazon Costs $270 at Amazon and it’s everything I Need.Unfortunately I can’t afford it. Technically I need about $100 More Dollars to secure that purchase by January 12th (The Start of Parade season). I have lots of recording to do and it’s a necessity for what I do. 

If anybody wants donate some funds to assist me in my purchase, I’ll be ever so grateful

PayPal Me! (Here)

A New Year Begins in Just A Few Hours

Maybe I haven’t blogged as I was supposed to this in 2017 but there were a number of things I got into that made my year a decent one.

I hope to blog more, as I still have drafts to complete from Old posts.
Many posts didn’t make it to my blog due to Facebook being so active.
I shared many thoughts, but many were incomplete. I will continue to use this blog as an outlet for everything in 2018. Sometimes you don’t need a known audience. That’s how I feel about this blog. It’s my zone when I don’t need attention, but when I need to let loose. Talking to Humans have also given me a reason to not post much I think. it’s been that way for a while now though.

I wanna make my 2018 as interesting as my 2017 but with less pain. LOL! There are many projects that I also need to complete.There were people who I’ve met and people I have yet to meet. I’ve been reacquainted with Old faces and also gained some new. Out of some of those I’ve also lost a few. But I’m learning to let things be, and not dwell on them too long. It makes me seem weak when I really wanna be strong. I just hope for great prosperity as i get myself together. Not just for my family, but for me and for my future.

I have a weird philosophy of life, folks don’t understand so they push me away. It’s all good because I’ll be happy when I find a woman true to me. Not a follower of the norm. The Facebook meme era is killing the way way things are supposed to work IMO. Society puts so much effort into petty things and It takes away from the uniqueness of guys like me.  The same girl who said I’m old fashioned basically told be that I’m lame.  Then she went on craigslist to find another person to call lame. That’s the world we live it apparently.

Yeah this post is all over the place. Open-mouthed smile ..

My Biggest Issue this year:

I found myself getting into it with my dad alot this year, Not that I’m starting arguments because I don’t argue back. It’s just that  I realized that Its hard to communicate with my dad without him telling an Old story from his past. even if it doesn’t relate to the subject we started on. Part of it is a seniority complex he has. Otherwise He just doesn’t want to Hear me out sometimes. It’s hard to Hold a conversation with him.  He has a tendency to Shut me down by saying “I don’t wanna talk about that” or “What are you talking about?” or “You think you know everything” ..Then  he comes up with some crazy conclusion based on what I said.  A big example is. I tried to talk about Gun Control with him..somehow that made him think that I was Scary and wanted a gun.    That was a total offshoot..  And then he tried to tell me “Talk about what you know”.. “You know Music and the Devil played Music:"……….. BRUH!

Me, I just shut up and walk out of the room. That’s what I do.   
I love my dad, but I’ve had dreams where I had arguments with him. That’s something I won’t do because i respect my dad. I just hope he’d Listen more and have an understanding for what it is we talk about Instead of Going On and On about something He thinks he knows and he expects us to hear him out. but the truth is, He takes over the conversation by Talking and acting out his thoughts without seriously accepting the way things ARE.

He says he’s depressed, In that case, I wish I could help my dad because I love him. But he’s so stuck in his own mind state to the point he can’t accept much else.

I try to keep an open mind and be hopeful. It ain’t easy, I just hope all goes well for me in my future.I’ll be challenging the spirit of procrastination this year, I wanna win at life and not be idle.
All in all. There’s a lot of work to be done! and It’s time for a BOOST! LETS MAKE IT!