Thursday, December 08, 2016

This Grammarly Plugin on Chrome is Boss

Just a week after recently being called out on my grammar errors on facebook, I stumbled across the Grammerly extension for chrome. and it's great!. much greater than spell check alone, it actually looks for punctuation errors, sentence structure and formatting errors.  it's pretty easy to figure out where you've messed up after being told by the extension, It just helped me clear up at least 10 of the 12 errors I'd initially made, It left me with Just 2 errors. one of which is formatting, the other was wordy sentences, I personally know I'm not the greatest writer, so I'm glad about having this app to  help me out on that level. Pretty cool.

There's an app for windows as well as Microsoft Office and it works on the web in large text boxes
 Although better the plans are premium, the plugins are free and downloadable. I personally feel that the plans are expensive. all except for the Annual plan where you get the best value for $140.00 a year..

Check it out 

Professional Accountability on HBCU Campuses

I found myself today, commenting on a friends video concerning the status of his Alma Mater, Southern University. The video regarded his time as an employee of the university. Although he mentions various personal issues with the people he's had pleasure and displeasure of working with. Travis touches on subjects such as working with students, staffers, funding campus organizations, infrastructures, and other issues that are plaguing the campus

After watching, I shared my thoughts I didn't do it for likes, nor to be trolled for my association to another school. I posted in agreeance with him. TJ is very concerned about his alma mater and has the right to speak on his experience. It takes a bold person to testify, TJ is just the one to do it.

Here's the video:

My response is as follows:

There are high school bands in a greater financial situation) than many HBCU bands. Last year, I was introduced to a Georgia High School's Band budget of over $130,000, to overview as an example of raising funds for my non-profit, and just It's that serious. 
I listened from a general point of view. It's true, When showing up on SU's campus, you get a whiff of the issues, either visually and by meeting students. I seek no validation for my this because it doesn't concern me, 
Our black schools are in turmoil due to selfish people in power, They don't care for the wellbeing of the students. "I'm sorry bruh, that's on you." But at the end of the day, they get their checks and go home. It's No accountability, Shining it up and making it look pretty can only do so much.

It's likely someone will come against me, but that's fine, I don't have the answers, but I'm interested in the subject, TJ spoke from the heart, my response is only a concurrence,

- Book

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Descriptive Terms | We Know What You Mean

Just paying attention to the descriptive terminology  and how easy it causes disruptive conversation.

Take into consideration that this alleged eyewitness at a restaurant which is across a major avenue from the location of these alleged events which to my knowledge was not reported by any news outlets.., These are his accounts of this happening

Nike Store Parking lot is also the same lot as Clothing stores, a Bank and Shamrock (A gaming bar & grill) also. The lot is HUGE. The shooting could be totally unassociated with any business on the property.

Although there were few comments, the 1st comment was " New Jordans Must've come out" .

Hadn't "Nike Store" been mentioned, comments as such wouldn't have been made so quickly.

However, it's easier to associate Black people and crime with Nike Shoes than to associate it with an Irish-themed bar where non-black typically hang out. Though the topic starter didn't directly mention a race, he gave everyone a reason to pin the crime on someone black.

In Conclusion, This New Orleans and we have lots of crime, it's very likely the usual suspect will be a young black male, therefore it will be easy to say "Black folks did it" , because of this, Although it's messed up to say, it's fairly laughable when the commentators are 100% wrong.

For the most part. like any classic forum gives users to comment anonymously which is a great advantage when wanting to troll or bait folks into certain subjects. Personally, I read specifically to look at their word usage .. in cases as such,, the words "Urban Thugs" and a few others clearly mean "Black People"

In the case of the above events, it associates  the alleged crime scene, directly to a store where black people are assumed to frequent for branded shot.

..."We know what you mean"  ...Just sayin'

- The Book

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Trolls! Exactly what i find disturbing

Idiots like this:

Monday, November 28, 2016

These Bayou Classic Shooting related comments are out of hand.

Folks are blaming the Event for the happenings, when this could have been any other night.
I'm reading many posts across the web especially on reddit, the most Racist of comments i find myself taking offence a bit. because it's nearly the standard to just blame  the events fpr bringing the crime.. My thoughts on one of the posts titled "Get the Bayou Classic Out of Town"  via r/NewOrleans/

There are a lot of crime that goes on DAILY in the quarters and other parts of N.O, The events don't "Bring Crime" the crime is here, and is more likely to occur at an EVENTFUL time.

Many have gotten robbed and once a man tourist was killed after leaving Jazz Fest.Many Get Robbed during French Quarter Fest too And at Mardi Gras, CRIME ALL OVER, but it doesn't really matter until someone gets Shot and killed in the Quarters.

There was a shooting on Bourbon one year at Mardi Gras, Nobody called for Cancellation of Events.... and the party rolled on as usual the next day.

Shootings also occur along the routes of Major Night Parades whether it be on near St. Charles and Jackson, or Canal & Bourbon... Do you blame the Parade Krewes or "Mardi Gras" for the Crime? No..
but folks tend to call for cancellation Essence and the Bayou Classic..

Tourism doesn't Harbor the problem all the time, The problem is the Predator seeking to prey on Tourists and or whomever their target may be. People who kill people take action at the most opportune times. they don't care about the events going on. as long as their target is within their visual range.
Has Absolutely NOTHING to do with the events in the city.