Thursday, December 06, 2018

Looks like I've made it back.

Today, I am here blogging from my phone. This is something I rarely do, but today I just thought of the fact that I could voice type my whole session. Recently I've been stating a lot of thoughts online while typing vocally. This gave me a reason to install the Blogger app on my phone. I would normally be sitting at a PC typing away, using some of my favorite blogging applications or the web to do my posting. But after a while I had got the consumed by other social media platforms. Thus I State my opinions elsewhere and it's stop me from being the Blogger I once was.

But now that I have this app installed on my phone. I think I'm back in a Star Trek e kind of way LOL. Hopefully this will be the first of many more to come. Sometimes I have so much to say, but I can't get the words out because I'm not near my computer to type it away. And also I don't think about writing with my mobile device because I actually hate to do that. But this vocal typing has been my thing for a while. But it's time I use it, where it mattered most. Unleashing the madness through this blog.

Looks like The Book is back.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

I Do It For The Bands.

Back when I started recording bands, my goal was to bring the madness to the masses.  I would be all over the place while attempting to get a few seconds of footage. I wanted it to be raw and In your face,

Sometimes I paid for the event and had no pass.  Other times I was allowed because of reputation. Otherwise, I showed up with a camera to do as I please. There were many cameramen at these events.  In a time where folks were making DVD's and selling them. I was posting online.  What secured that for me was, everybody knew me and exactly where my footage was going.

I used my notoriety to my advantage;  In 1998, If you waked between a band, you got beat up. In 2005 I broke many ranks, nobody stopped me.  There were also times I've gotten stopped before entering events because my camera was "Too High Tech" and I didn't have a pass. I've even had to talk my way out of a hater attempting to get me kicked off the field.  That was due to a guy thought I was ranking on his hustle.  My notoriety saved me.

Over the years, the number of people with Passes has grown.
I've seen Media teams come about and I Love it.  I've also seen people with passes doing absolutely nothing.  Some stand there with their phones out, getting in the way of those of us trying to capture the greatness in action.

 Every big SU game, 40 people are on the sideline with passes watching SU's band. Gerard, Barry, Spiderman and myself are the only folks recording from the field while Kevin Robinson was snapping pictures. Guys like Eddie Rideau were recording in the stands. I wasn't very knowledgeable of what I was doing. But I stood among the few, the proud.
For us, there were unofficial rules among our ranks that we followed.  Sometimes I broke the rules to get exclusive footage. That footage is still hotter than some of my better quality footage to date.

Individuality mattered. I showed up to do events to capture things nobody else would record. That's where I found my audience. I wasn't directly doing it for hits. I was doing it for the people in the band to see themselves online.
With youtube allowing more clip length. I began trying to tell a story with my footage.  My goal was to capture not only the bands but the essence of the band community.  I think I accomplished that.

Eventually, it became a game of "Who could upload fast enough to get the hits, then it became quality over everything, which is GREAT! Now when I go to events, there are  20 Monopods in the air at similar angles capturing the same thing. That itself is a double-edged sword. Quality isn't a problem because we're all using the same equipment. The big difference takes place in the handling of the camera and when producing the videos.

There would be nothing wrong with that if folks weren't trying to impede on others.  We are all in the same gang.  Individually, you have to find your niche.  Yes, you can capture the essence of the event without trying to outshine the next man.  Know your role, do your part.

Most of the guys today provide visually stimulating footage, and I love it.
It's way better than anything I've ever done. I don't even have to do it anymore because I've done my part.  I have learned that this Video thing has never been about me. So I don't do it for me. I don't do it for the hits. I do it for the Bands.

- Book

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Toxicity Begins at home.

Sometimes the toxic male is created in home by the parents who are doing too much to protect them from the dangers of the world. Too much sheltering of a child came make them stray from you,.. that's not a good thing.

I see on my timeline a lot, guys who hat their own Mom and its sad. Guys who constantly refer to woman by names that they wouldn't want their moms, sisters and daughters called, its a shame. and a lot of that happens because of something he experienced while young. Being Sheltered for the right reasons, but being ignored while sheltered can be detrimental

What happens when you keep a pet in a cage. He rips up your furniture when you let him out.. and you lock him up more..

But if you teach them to not jump on your furniture, you to limit their cage time. or eliminate that cage completely, your pet will behave accordingly. they grow up and they will respect your decisions for them. Its the same thing with humans.

You teach a male child to be respectful and he will respect you, he will value you and all he encounters. That doesn't mean there won't be difficulties when dealing with others,

My point though, The toxic male starts in home, and it doesn't have to be that way.
I could say more but, that’s just it.

Friday, May 11, 2018

One App and the Need for Good Schools

Patrick Dobard is the former leader of the Recovery School District and was once on the BESE. He now is the leader of a charter system in NOLA,  He wrote column via basically stating why he believes  OneApp isn't the problem,  I don't totally disagree with him, but here's what caught my eye.

He says "Our children's futures are not a game of musical chairs." The problem is that It has been just that. it's the fault of both One App and the Charter model.

Check The Screenshot:

Here's why I feel It's both:

Charter Schools are required to use it as a selective process. Thus eliminating the option to attend a school in your neighborhood.

There have always been few Good Schools in New Orleans. The Master Plan was turnaround failing schools by bringing in Charters. Those systems have failed due to how they operated.  Unqualified teachers & faculty lead to unaccredited courses and students being unable to pass classes nor state exams. Those charters have gotten revoked and replaced only for the same cycle to continue.

To my knowledge, The one app selection process allows the parent to choose from a limited number of schools which their children qualify to attend.  GPA's Matter for the Good Schools and seating is limited.  If those schools have reached their capacity,  The lower ranking schools become your only options.  If the student doesn't qualify for any of the schools selected, They're automatically bound for a failing school with open enrollment.

Other factors include special needs accommodations, Extra Curricular Activities, and other academic programs or special interests. When a school isn't equipt with the needs of a student, Parents may not want their child enrolled there. It's possible for One App to choose a school that doesn't appeal to the parents and their kids. The only real hoorah for Charters themselves is to say the Schools before Katrina was worse.

Example: Fortier becoming Lusher wasn't a turnaround, that was a takeover.
It was for a good reason, but still a takeover. Katrina made it easier for Lusher's expansion.  With nobody here, they renovated and restored the building.  They opened up to a limited student body. You had to be in the Lusher system, Qualify with the GPA OR be the child of Tulane University Faculty.  Under this model, no former Fortier students would have been able to attend anyway. That's pretty much what all Successful Charters are doing.

For Failing Chapters, they close, get Rechartered, They get renamed becoming a new school with a new standard.  Whoever doesn't qualify has to attend the next failing school.  The cycle repeats itself continuously.

it just is, what it is!

- Book

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

It was all a dream.


I had this dream I was on a remote island in the Caribbean. I lived in an area where the homes were on stilts due to the streets flooding when it rains. The view from the window of my home was the ocean. In the distance, there were mountainous boulders. I wanted to take pictures, but I didn't bring the DSLR. So, I pulled out my phone. The screen was fogged out. I tried to open Foursquare to check in, it didn't work. I left the premises for a closer view of the ocean. I took a walk but decided to turn around after I noticed the flooded streets in the distance.

While on my way back to the house, I spotted a group of people on the opposite the street.  Two women, two girls, and one boy. They had Deep Latin accents but sounded New Orleans based. They were all about my skin tone.  One of the girls called me from a distance. "Hey Book! Can you let Jaren know that we have practice early tomorrow?" I responded back, "Yeah!" (I'm unaware who Jaren is.)

When I made it home, Jaren's in the front room playing video games with a few others. (I didn't see Jaren's face, only his back, and side) We were there talking about marching band. There was a knock at the door. It was the girls that asked about Jaren. So, I called him to the door. "Jaren, you have friends at the door. Go get your horn."
Jaren replies, "Alright Dad!"


He walked out of the door, Thunder Struck, it began to rain. I looked at the faces of everybody in the room. Only one of the faces were familiar, A woman. (I won't say who.) I Looked out the window. It fogged up.

I Woke Up.