Sunday, December 31, 2017

Hopefully Upgrading The Audio Equipment

This year I plan on using an external Audio recorder, rather than using my DSLR for Audio. I should have stepped up the game years ago. With the upcoming marching season, I think it’s the perfect time to start the upgrading process.

I should have made this purchase long ago but hopefully I will do so after the the 5th of January. I have been looking into different audio devices for years and I know which one brand I want. but still ad odds about which model is right for me.

H4nPro_Front[1]I’ve been looking at the Zoom H4n Pro. This device will allow me to effectively record audio for without all the trouble I'm currently having with my condenser mike.

There’s also the Zoom H5, It’s the latest model.
(Not Pictured)  Both would do me will but I can only afford 1.  It’s basically $200.00  I’ve been looking into a bundle which comes with a Wind Muff and a hot shoe. The only problem Is, It doesn’t come with a memory card. That’s what I really need.

This Bundle at Amazon Costs $270 at Amazon and it’s everything I Need.Unfortunately I can’t afford it. Technically I need about $100 More Dollars to secure that purchase by January 12th (The Start of Parade season). I have lots of recording to do and it’s a necessity for what I do. 

If anybody wants donate some funds to assist me in my purchase, I’ll be ever so grateful

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A New Year Begins in Just A Few Hours

Maybe I haven’t blogged as I was supposed to this in 2017 but there were a number of things I got into that made my year a decent one.

I hope to blog more, as I still have drafts to complete from Old posts.
Many posts didn’t make it to my blog due to Facebook being so active.
I shared many thoughts, but many were incomplete. I will continue to use this blog as an outlet for everything in 2018. Sometimes you don’t need a known audience. That’s how I feel about this blog. It’s my zone when I don’t need attention, but when I need to let loose. Talking to Humans have also given me a reason to not post much I think. it’s been that way for a while now though.

I wanna make my 2018 as interesting as my 2017 but with less pain. LOL! There are many projects that I also need to complete.There were people who I’ve met and people I have yet to meet. I’ve been reacquainted with Old faces and also gained some new. Out of some of those I’ve also lost a few. But I’m learning to let things be, and not dwell on them too long. It makes me seem weak when I really wanna be strong. I just hope for great prosperity as i get myself together. Not just for my family, but for me and for my future.

I have a weird philosophy of life, folks don’t understand so they push me away. It’s all good because I’ll be happy when I find a woman true to me. Not a follower of the norm. The Facebook meme era is killing the way way things are supposed to work IMO. Society puts so much effort into petty things and It takes away from the uniqueness of guys like me.  The same girl who said I’m old fashioned basically told be that I’m lame.  Then she went on craigslist to find another person to call lame. That’s the world we live it apparently.

Yeah this post is all over the place. Open-mouthed smile ..

My Biggest Issue this year:

I found myself getting into it with my dad alot this year, Not that I’m starting arguments because I don’t argue back. It’s just that  I realized that Its hard to communicate with my dad without him telling an Old story from his past. even if it doesn’t relate to the subject we started on. Part of it is a seniority complex he has. Otherwise He just doesn’t want to Hear me out sometimes. It’s hard to Hold a conversation with him.  He has a tendency to Shut me down by saying “I don’t wanna talk about that” or “What are you talking about?” or “You think you know everything” ..Then  he comes up with some crazy conclusion based on what I said.  A big example is. I tried to talk about Gun Control with him..somehow that made him think that I was Scary and wanted a gun.    That was a total offshoot..  And then he tried to tell me “Talk about what you know”.. “You know Music and the Devil played Music:"……….. BRUH!

Me, I just shut up and walk out of the room. That’s what I do.   
I love my dad, but I’ve had dreams where I had arguments with him. That’s something I won’t do because i respect my dad. I just hope he’d Listen more and have an understanding for what it is we talk about Instead of Going On and On about something He thinks he knows and he expects us to hear him out. but the truth is, He takes over the conversation by Talking and acting out his thoughts without seriously accepting the way things ARE.

He says he’s depressed, In that case, I wish I could help my dad because I love him. But he’s so stuck in his own mind state to the point he can’t accept much else.

I try to keep an open mind and be hopeful. It ain’t easy, I just hope all goes well for me in my future.I’ll be challenging the spirit of procrastination this year, I wanna win at life and not be idle.
All in all. There’s a lot of work to be done! and It’s time for a BOOST! LETS MAKE IT!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

People Seem to live in Fear.

I've noticed the fear while walking around my neighborhood. I'm a threat to nobody so, I know it ain't me. It may be that I'm just a black male walking alone in a quiet area that people fear. I take walks at random times of the day. The Pokemon Go Mobile game has given me a reason to walk around at night. Because of this, I walk more often than I've done in a while. From that, I've noticed the fear.

I'm the kind of person that greets people as they pass me by. I do it more so if I'm close enough to the person for them to hear me without shouting. As I walk by homes, If folks are outside of their homes, I will Greet them according to the time of the day or season. These days, It's not easy to do that.

A few weeks ago, after exiting the Bus, I saw a neighbor of mine exiting her home to walk her dog. Before I could make it across the road, She turned back around only to be back into her home by the time I made it to that side.

Two days before Christmas, I was taking a walk.  On my route, I saw a lady exiting her car. When she saw me, she rushed to her door. I heard someone inside talking as the woman seemed to be in a panic. "Whats Working?" I shook my head.

Twice on Christmas day, I was on my way home, I was bound to cross paths with the person coming my way.  We were about two yards apart when he took a detour. The abandoned home had a crescent-shaped lot. I continued to walk forward while greeting him. "Merry Christmas." The smiled but waited until our paths totally crossed to ask If I had known if any nearby restaurants were open. He was black.

Just one block up, was where I live. I saw my next door Neighbor exiting his car. I stopped to greet and talk briefly with him. He's an 80-year-old white male. A very nice guy. I also exchanged greetings with another man passing by. He was White.

Later Last night, I took a walk to the corner because a pokestop is there. Both neighbors are taking out their trash. Bu the time I'd made it within reasonable distance to greet them, only One of them was still outside pulling trash. I said "Merry Christmas." and got no verbal response. He stalled in place as I passed him by but he proceeded to bring the trash to the curb afterward. The Pokestop is basically at the end of the block, so I turned back around only to see him rushing back inside.

Tonight I as I walked on the back street. I heard a neighbors dog Bark When I looked to see where the noise was coming from, I saw the dog's owner rushing inside. Totally avoiding human contact. To me, That's what's wrong with the world. Folks would rather avoid you than say Hello. I know it's because they fear the criminal element but Wow! It's not that serious. It's the main reason our neighborhoods aren't real communities.We don't want to know each other. 

- Book

Monday, December 25, 2017

We Spoeak Ebonics. Wait, No We Don't.

Ebonics is technically the phonic spelling of words spoken by black people. The term itself actually just means Black English.The Ebonics dictionary was created to identify and define terms used in the black community that may be widespread. The words are written as phonically sounded by black people, but there's a problem with that. Many terms in that dictionary are based generally on were based on one region's locale. This means the EBonic Dictionary didn't reflect the terminology as used by most of black America.

In my opinion, Nobody speaks ebonics because it is not a language. Our accents influence the way we pronounce words, not how we spell them. Slang words and foreign dialects have always had an influence on how All Americans speak, not just black people Yet somehow, Ebonics is defined as Black English. Though it is a lexicon, it's not a dialect. We do not speak it.

"Netspeak" is terms made up of words, Abbreviations symbols/dingbats / Smilies / Emotion Icons (Emoticons / Emojis) created for internet communication. It's basically the same thing. A written lexicon. Because of it, new words were created out of using old words that are redefining old words in giving all the definitions to new words. It's just how we communicate online. Not everybody understands it.

A Great example is a word like Ginormous. It is a compound word which Means both gigantic and enormous. Both words basically mean Large. We don't consider that Ebonics because it's not a word black people invented. Today That word is used in what people call proper English. Another example is the word Karma. It's not an English word, but it is defined in standard English dictionaries. The reason is that English is an ever-evolving language. It's amazing that Americans can Incorporate terms from another Language into ours, yet Ebonics only exist because somebody couldn't understand how black people communicate.

In the United Kingdom, there are regions where people don't speak The Queen's English. People from Liverpool do not speak the same exact English dialect as people in Blackpool. Their accents are also different, but you'll never hear about them downing each other for the way they speak. American Standard English has a whole different set of words than those people, yet somehow the word Ebonics means black English.

I have rejected that term since the time in Elementary School, 1993 4th grade to be exact. There was a point where we were given an Ebonics course of study. It was the most ridiculous thing I had ever seen. It was like reading a load of misspelled words only to mispronounce them as we read them because we don't speak nor write that way here in New Orleans. I'm just saying.

There's so much more I could say about it, But I'll leave it at this for now.

- Book

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Like I thought.

It’s funny that she accused me of being combative when she’s clearly the one to bring it up. I’m not argumentative. However, I don’t like giving simple answers.
The conversation about a haircut caused her to call me Combative because I responded to her with a picture justifying the type of haircut I like vs what she suggested.  I totally took into consideration her suggestion. I even posted “I might” when she asked “How about a fade…” I’m like .. “I haven’t had a bald fade in a while”.. She responds, “A fade is not bald” … Thus I posted the picture to show her a bald fade.  Otherwise she was telling me something I already knew.  I guess she wanted me to say “I Already know that?”  lol.

So now She’s like “You annoy me with how you communicate” .. I’m sorry but I didn’t start this augment young lady.  You did.  But apparently I’m not being accountable because she doesn’t understand why I “fee; the need to justify my responses.

Whitney Houston, We Have a Problem!..LOL!