Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Got Some Heat off of a match

So i previously posted a clip pf Phi Mu Alpha and Kappa Kappa Psi (which are two Honorary Music Fraternities) On A Few Message Boards, someone who's a Louisiana Band Director and Member of ΦMA got sorta took the clip in the wrong way.

Here's The Clip

But yet I do Agree with his explanation which is here below

Head chief

Not calling u out or anything, but I don't like the message it protrays. I hate that people in general try to protray KAPPA KAPPA PSI AND PHI MU ALPHA AS RIVALS OR ENEMIES. At many universites students are apart of both organizations. When I pledged PHI MU ALPHA in Spr. 98 at Southern, KAPPA KAPPA PSI was not on the yard. Today at SU both fraternities are active. Is their a rivalry between the 2 at SU? I would hope to think its not. Both fraternities need to attend to their own fraternal obligations and work together to improve MUSIC as a whole at Southern University.

I Could Agree because nobody wants their School and/or Org exploited. The thing is too that The Character "Cleveland Harris"is a real person and anyone who knows Cleve knows that he's both Psi and Sinfonia Which is cool. .. As for my argument there is none. It's Only a game. and if ya listen to the music that plays during the match, it was all supposed to be funny..

I got a load of good responces to them all though. I have another that i'll post soon.

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