Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Assumptions were seen and dealt with.

Yeah, yeah Those who know me, know that I'm not always right and that I dont try to make people look bad and things. But a while back I wrote an entry about how my Alma Mater's marching bands program fell. A big part of what i wrote was out of what I had heard from loads of other former members and what i had seen on my own during that time. Basically publishing Assumptions about how i perceived this information.

I mentioned my band director leaving the school after situation happened (that really didn't happen that way) and how how he left. which made the band take a deep blow. Recently he replied to the Entry saying that I should have known the Facts before I wrote that. Which is true. now i feel sorta bad that i wrote it. Because It was something that really only was a Point of View from what Myself and a Bunch of people Thought. I didnt wright it to put his business out there but thats what happened and I admit i was wrong for saying that.

I replied to his post, which i don't think he'll read. but i sure want him to know. I think i'm owe him an apology, I'll have to give him a call about this one. I'm going to be in for a lor of heat but its only right

Here's the Old Entry, Check the Replies
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