Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Seven days of Thunder, 13 Days of Rain, 60 weeks of Winter while Fire burns the plain.
We Live in a world where life has no boundries,
Unless that boundry is death...
or is it?

I guess its time that I make some changes
Activity is the answer to my problem
I guess it really is.
Time will only tell.
I have to do this for myself. I feel food about me right now. Makes me wanna jump around. Yet I need to go to sleep. ummm. Dang yall,, Im Out.. My Theme for now is Summer Madness.

Thats not anything Its just some thought on whats going on it my head rightnow.

I have a stong feeling that something great is going to happen to me.or for me within the nexy week or so. Watch out for greatness.

Oh how I love Life.. it has its ups and downs but its LIFE, nothing greater that life, Especially if you have a run with The One, GOD

Signtinng Out, Mr Black & Blues Himself!

Note From The Book
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