Tuesday, June 19, 2007

give them what they want to hear right..mmhhmmm...
Nah, I just give people whats on my minda at the time ..lol say that to da brutha

like I once said, Im not the best at explaining things. but it seems like verything i say affects the people who read it, it some way some how. as i speak what i believe is true and real, the people seem to either embrace it and say nothing. or they get all offensive . lol I guess thats what u get when u'r from "Truth or Consequences, New Mexico" LMAO I would like to tell the people that say im wrong that!! I am not always right. Ofcoruse I dont know much about ones program was you think because i was not ever apart of that, nor did i grow up in a system SU breeders.

Its like this .. people say TSU is like a Big High School ..lol ahHA.. thats nice what does that make SU.. that makes the same.

people think that there are loads of N.O band members in TSU's band .. Between 2002 and 2007 TSU had drawn in Less than 100 MB's from N.O. theband has less than 20 band members in it. lol .. its funny how u make refrence to whats taught to me by someone from your own system, they that makes them wrong and u right. Not saying that im right because im always Trying to figure things out. LOL

If i wasnt gonna defend myself on that note, I could've deleted the thread Im an Admin. but hey. It makes good conversation. lettem believe. thats all i can say to that.

I have noticed that once you start seeking the truth. associates start pulling away from you
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