Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Houston HS band Front and the rules against them.

So I wrote this thread on The Sport (below)

I realized by going to various botbs and hearing the views of local politicians. The Houston Gub'ment (lol) along with the parents have stopped the bands from doing what they want to do. meaning that they have less control of the band and their creative visions with the band programs

Such as the
  • you cant dress this way
  • you cant dance this way
  • You cant participate in certain events
  • you cant play on certain days
Its as if the world is against the bands of Houston. Parents have too much say so, The first botb I went to, I overheard a parent saying ""are they allowed to do that, Im going to have to talk to blah blah about this... " to another parent. That made me go

I could understand if the principal of a school and band sponsors oppose of something simple, but when it comes to the point of BD's and Band/Aux Staff not having enough power over their programs rules are just unnecessary

what I wanted to know was.. When you all are going to Out of Town / State battles do you abide by those same rules (which would probably be Yes) .or do you brea some of those rules for a better show.

I know that bands have found ways around this "keep it squeeky clean" rule.

and if thats the case Have any band got in trouble recently for anything like that.. if so.. we know it aint yall fault.


From there I got This Reply From ClevePVU who's a Director at a Houston school All Star Program

He Said

Our staff and drum majors had to write apology letters in La Marque for a breakdown they did after coming off the field.

The people in power are the same as 20 years ago, when the schools there had a "different" look, and they're not comfortable with "change".

To me, thats wild. before going to Houston I never thought rulea against band could be that bad. The way we had it was like this

  • . we were free to play what we wanted,
  • Because we didnt do dance routines much we could do anything as long as it was clean
  • We didnt have rules against booty shaking because our dance limes didnt do them. and the ones that did do them didnt get in trouble because it kept the crowd happy.
its a whole lor more to that. .. my point is. We had Freedom.

My reply to Cleve was this ..

Wow!.. Thats Bad. they just Suck the fun out of it

worst than only being diquallified from a battle. its like having your band get the most house and then losing a battle even if the crowd thought they were better.

The big folk are full of that

LOL yall get it??

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