Monday, June 11, 2007

Iphone and the Ignit people who will have them

Attention Service Providors!

There will be millions buying the I phone, Thousands of them wont know how the thing works. many of them Will figure it out But Their will be the chosen few who gets this phone and REALLY GET ON YOUR NERVES!!

WHY!! .. Because for One .. The Phone Needs to Come with a Computer Literacy Exam!! WHY?? because MANY PEOPLE WHO WILL HAVE THIS PHONE WILL NOT HAVE COMPUTERS NOR WILL KNOW HOW TO USE THEM!

This Would make It Difficult for the person buying it to even realize that you NEED a computer in order to opperate it the proper way. lol.

Many people get these phones because they're flashy cute and have many feature .. its the IGNITS who GET PHONES AND DONT KNOW HOW TO WORK ANY OF THE FEATURES
Here are some the new IGNIT Questions The Service Providers will be getting soon

  • My Buttons Dont Work?
  • My Phone went out but I dont know how to charge it
  • What is a USB
  • how does the music play
  • Do dis got a Camera on it?
  • How do i put music (or other stuff) on it
  • Where is the play button
  • How do i find the Start button
LOL i dont know .. i just have a feeling that those will be associated with the phone.

You already have people who dont know how to use bluetooth and Brag how they're phone has it
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