Thursday, June 21, 2007

Just came from the mall

don't really feel like typing it out so's the IM session i just had

Cecily: Joshua!
Me: hi Cecily
Me: I love myself
Cecily: Lol
Me: i went to the mall today
Me: had to go get me some shoes
Me: i would've got two Pair, but one is good .. i was gonna get dress shoes as well but yet i have hush puppies already
Me: i need a fit to go to my sisters weddin'
Cecily: Aww...when is the wedding? Wut kind of shoes u got?
Me: lol K swiss, the weddings next friday. My Older sister's getting married
Cecily : Kool...tell her kongrats
Me: yeah im happy 4 her so is the fam..: *tear*
Cecily : Lol
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