Thursday, June 14, 2007


Yeah, yall know what this is...My random List of thoughts

  • I wish the best for the Mike L. and his family, I hope he lives.
  • Paris Hilton needs to grow up. This isn't Silver Spoon or Clueless, She's living the life of a TV Stereotype in real life. and they get mad because they say Black people learn this stuff from BET. hmmm...
  • William Jefferson has been the most trusted congressman in Louisiana for years,We wouldn't have known that he was such a fraud, his family Had to be in on all of this for him to support his actions. He was stealing money from "Mother Africa" of all places. WHY!! WHY!! WHY!!?? as much as we spend our lives trying to HELP, we have FRAUDS in out OWN RACE who would USE THEIR POWER to LIE, CHEAT and STEAL!! .. wait .. THATS THE US GOVERNMENT ALL THEY WAY THOUGH!! ..
  • I don't watch basketball much, but it would be nice to see the Cav's get Win the Championship. Tim Duncan is So Laid Back about everything. he's like " Spurs, Yeah, we just gonna take a win and it's gonna be another day" I was a spurs fan.
  • Thomas The Train Engine toys have Led Paint... THANX SHINING TIME STATION! YOU HAVE POISION OUR MINDS AND OUR BODIES .. LMAO!! .. Just kidding. But man.. after creating These toys for so Long , they forget to use the old paint and yet they use New and Improved paint with LED in it! Why would they make Led Paint still if its poisonus? iono .. yeah crazy eh?

  • Thats the Cupid Shuffle, Its one of the most popular dance tracks in Louisiana, Positive Music yall. Promote it
  • Seems like Al Quida is killing people again. this time, the police officer they'd kidnapped and everything .. which reminds me that this war will ever actually End because of it.
  • Kellogs cutting everything wow!.. No Sugar in Yo Frosted flakes, No Cimmon in your Mini buns ..LOL ALL THAT!!

I dont feel like writing anymore hope this stuff comes up right
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