Friday, June 15, 2007

The Mindset of a Louisiana bandsman

Why is it that some Band Directors and students assume that the mind set of Their Louisiana band members are set to SU's standards.

We as members of Louisiana bands dont Know nothing of SU's standards
we only know what was taught to us by our band directors
even if the BD didn't attend SU The Military style is there.
most Louisiana show bands have a military style some people would refer to as "High Stepping".
To Me, We're just Marching.

The reason I brought this up is because every time I read something about N.O band members on other boards they say something like "They're trying to be like SU"

Thats not True, We're just Following the Guidance of our band directors. lol

Three Years Before i got in band, i had already been through a Military Marching style Lessons in PE Class. My PE Instructor was not in Band, He was a Track Star.

From there I had already know the purposes and placements of certain band set ups and everything. when i got in middle school, having the same thing drilled into your mind every week was basically how everything came about. by high school it was natural I didnt need to learn anything else because I knew I was Right ..LOL

Anyway .... This bring me back to SU ... I DIDN'T SEE THEM LIVE UNTIL I WAS IN 11th GRADE. ..So All I KNEW of them what what i saw on TV.

What was that? The Way they Marched, The way they sound and The way they dance.. lol

Just because i Rock or when I march doesn't mean Im trying to "Jaguar Rock".. it means I FEEL THE MUSIC

There will be More to this in some other entry .. i'm just tired or writing BRB..
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