Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Same ole

This week my cousin carl stopped by.. Hadn't seen him since b4 the storm. cool stuff. I think that I'm gonna stop with my Tell all info. lol because usually im dead wrong LOL not only that. I dont like pointing out people. and well i have so far done that with many people.   .. DANG!

I Just Realized it was Wednesday.. Y COME WEDNESDAY!!...

Y Come.....
  • Im Sitting here looking dumb?
  • I Need to stop drinking soft drinks?
  • Things are going quite slow around these parts?
  • My Brother is about to start working for Lowes?
  • I need a job?
  • I need to use my hobbies as an authority?
  • The Prime Example of Funk is P-Funk?
  • Make My Funk The P-Funk?
  • I Found My Favorate Tune Yesterday?
  • Im Not Talking About Booty Juice Either.?
  • I'm Refering to "The Lover In You" by The Sugar hill gang?
  • I talked to kandace Breifly last night?.
  • thats my future there!
  • Uhh.. Well.. I guess i'll stop this here?

The Reason I stopped this is because I wan to express my thoughts on the whole WWE McMahon Car Bombing:

There were people who didnt realize that The Bombing was the most Unpredictible and Unexpected Thing that has happened in WWE since the Additude era. It was so new to people that They Called the police and News stations asking why didnt they report the Bombing.  PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE IT WAS SCRIPTED!  lol @ ECW!! I MISSED IT  BUT AFTER SEEING THAT SIGN IT WAS FUNNY!! .. I think that many have realized that The Bombing was an Act. its just that some people are immune to seeing whats scripted and not. lol   "BOOOOM!!!

This stuff was BIG AS HELL on people dont realize that WWE's WEBSITE  IS NOW STRICTLY SCRIPT RELATED ON ALL ENDS

This will make room for "Who Killed McMahon!"  .. Was it Rikishi! ..LOL!!
Next RAW they just might have a Funeral! .. lol  

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