Friday, June 01, 2007

So i was lookin at a blog

That I'll call "zuke" for the moment (because I wont be linking it here.) ... and on that blog was a load of racist blogs toward blacks. one if the latest entries included a monkey (The monkey pictured Here). **That whole site is racist**

Basically its a comparison to apes and the black race. and the fact that NAACP called what it is today. Well,

I replied to the entry. The funny part about that the fact that I thought i had Made up the name i used. Then I decided to Google the word I looked up. I found out that The actual word was an Acronym for an Organization in a South African Country near Port Elizabeth . THAT was very Ironic.

wow, now they argue. I wont keep it going though. Yeah I'll throw a few harsh words but its only because i was offended. I believe in God. I'm not a product of Underdeveloped Human Evolution.

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