Monday, June 18, 2007

yeah yeah

and I've cancelled my Secondlife account. Why? not only because of the Third Eye, but because I was going to before i even saw all of that stuff, It was crashing my PC.. other than that.I have realized that all this sruff in relation to the Masonic as a Spiritual guide order Exists in real life. Sumliminal messages in music advertizing and every day life. It makes me rethink a whole lot of what i had already done.

I gotta get rid of my secondlife program and then do a registry clean. lol ..

.. ahh man!! .. I'll be back.. Im seeing a whole lot differently now adays ..

Its like everything Mysterious as a child was just something Cool seemed to be done just to make things seem like Its all in fun .. but now that my eyes are seeing whats there.. its just weird .. its sort of like Sleeping with one eye open. ..

anyway .. BRB.. i didnt neccessarily want to say it that way
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