Thursday, August 02, 2007

McD # 35 vs St. Augustine Football on ESPNU September 21st!

According to Word of Mouth and This facebook Group The game that will be heald at the Louisiana Superdome Will be Recorded and broadcasted nationwide on ESPN. Congrats Schools and ITS ABOUT TIME!! .. for years These schools have been Great rivals. I feel that its a shame that They're in Recovery and not at the their Pre-Katrina Stats. But these Schools are rivals in Football and Marching band. Yep!.. They have two of the Best band programs in N.O History. Even due to The Director Changes since the storm. these schools have withheld their traditions and ars striving for the best. .. Same as the football teams and school at best ..

Since i know you all cant see whats in the facebook group I'll paste whats written Here below.

St. Aug vs 35 on ESPNU
There is a NO native that works @ ESPN, pitched an idea of broadcasting a game, and now will be on ESPNU on September 21st!!!! Everyone support our city and watch please! If ur not from there, watch how we get down!!!
What's up folks,

Everybody needs to turn the game on. It is gonna put the spotlight on New Orleans, plus Aulston went out on a limb at his job (ESPN). PASS THE WORD TO EVERYBODY BY PHONE OR E-MAIL to turn the game on. Everybody from home grew up with the St. Aug vs. 35 battle of the bands. The weekend of the game was always one of the best weekends durind high school as well as in the city. Please support every time a major network features something pertaining to the city it is vital that we support and embrace it.
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Great ain't it!
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