Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Vital Frauds!

So i'm flipping the channels again, and i came across this Infomercial that comes on All the time, 3 old people talking about "something". its always two old men and an old lady. All look like they are in their 50's or 60's..

Anyway man, I stopped to watch, not because i found their product interesting, Its because the infomercial looked like it was made Before the Internet was invented WHY you ask? We'll Lets just say that The Lady in this ad had an 80's hairdo and heavy make up. and the sad part is that these people were advertising an ANTI AGING SUPPLEMENT called MDR Vital Factors!.

MDR Vital Factors! AHHH!! ...... yeah, an Anti Aging Suplement .. lol .... THATS HOW I KNOW IT WAS A LIE, then as they are talking they show these Young people running around looking all Fit and healthy. Then its back to the old lady and men discussing how young they feel and Look. The lady said she garuntee's that you'll start feeling and looking Younger. .. I say this, She needs to take her Trump Hair off..LOL yeah she had Trump Hair.. Just Longer ...

But wait Theres more. I dont remember the name of the product but theres another infomercial where this lady with a Botox injected face is selling vitamin drinks or something with her husband on the Gospel channel. at first their show was about God, then strictly about vitamins... then she got her face Lifted and Botox in her cheeks. so i guess she thinks she looks young. Nahh.. she looks like Buddha!

Lol, I still think all this stuff is misleading, they only want your money .. and on that note... In out...

Note From The Book
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