Monday, January 21, 2008

Electric Surges | My Brothers PC went out.

as if all of my Current PC troubles with my notebook, now My brothers Desktop PC goes out.

WHY? He claims that he Fell and the desk shifted a little to the left. so when he turned on the PC it Blinked off and own non stop.

So i looked to see what the problem was, i saw that the Surge protector plug was half way in .. BAM .. so that desk didn't just shift. he hit the plug somehow. he also tried to blame my nephew too. ...He ain't had nothing to do with it.

so i made him clean his room.. but he didn't do it yet im guessing.

anyway .. he's gonna get it!.

That PC was the pc we got after Katina and it was MINE. and I was supposed to back it up use that one while i put mines in the shop now he just messed that all up. Hopefully they get that one fixed and hopefully that hard drive will still be good. because its not the hard drive on that one. its the eletric box most likely

sad! ..I knew it was BOUND to happen because he does things purposely
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