Monday, January 21, 2008

It's MLK Day!

yeah even though His birthday was actually last week, we always take this random moment off in memory of MLK and what he meant to America. as for me. I gew up listening to that same recorded piece. but after watching the CNN MLK Edition that was actually recorded last year. It make's me wonder how it would have been hadn't he been Killed.

With that said, the same for JFK, Malcolm X and many more of that time ya know. maybe it was ment for them to die when they did. Maybe it was ment for LBJ to be in office and everything.

Freedom, Equality and Peace.

Wow man, Just to think. What happened in Jena nearly 2 years ago. Then that March 1 year ago. and now The KKK is there marching as if they're big and bad. Well as you can see there are Counter Marchers of all races Rallying as well. Fight For The Rights of AMERICA. Not The Superiority of one Race.

If MLK was Livin' He Wouldn't Let This Be.
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