Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So My shirts came

Oh yeah I got my N Phi and my K Forever. and I'll wear them.. as UNDERSHIRTS .. why? because they're two small. But i got them that way purposely as well so hey. thats a good thing tho.

lets see, its 2 3 days b4 My brothers first parade and well. I dont know if he's marching or not. Why? becaause he seriously hasn't been going to practice. He showed up yesterday but didnt go today.

Yesterday he had even said this to my cousin Kiren "yeah i went to practice and they though i was cold, they were like Where u been?" .

I dont think he got what that meant, but it did reveal that he's been purposely missing practice. because if they gotta ask you that. it means that There have been practices taking place.

as for today, he said his stomach was hurting. and he threw up ... and im like .. AND ...

because if he if he didnt go to practice because of that, he doesn't need to be in the band,
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