Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blogging: The Thing I Love

So I just got through reading Two Blogs in relation to blogging and microblogging. @ one of the Blogs (Renaissance Black Woman ) I saw this quiz about being addicted to blogs.
Here's my Result Only 6% More Addicted than her. LOL.
67%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Well Hey, After reading those posts about blogging I kinda sorta felt like taking that quiz. I also want to touch on .. but first, I'll let you know why I blog and how i've progressed ( I guess)


I Actually started blogging basically because I needed a way to get things off of my chest. most of those things were personal situations that couldn't post on an open message board. I figured that if i blogged. I'd maybe get comments from folks. I never expect people who personally know me to become daily readers. although I've found out on a few occasions where my sister had read my blog to find things out about my first and Onl relationship. but that really didn't matter to me as much. it doesn't change my blogging style.

Back in 2004, everybody was singing up for xanga's and myspace which at the time was very similar to Xanga. people used them to blog. at the time. blog sites werent being syndicated. I saw those sites but i figured that If i'm going to blog, I don't want to be connected directly to people I know. I'd rather have them comment anonymously if need be. Therefore I joined why? Because it's specifically for blogging. I still have friend who use xanga, but back then it was like a fad. folks i know stopped using it long before myspace got popular. at the same time. people who wrote in their Xanga's didnt realize that they were Blogging. THAT's why the site went out of style so fast... the folks who use it now are mainly true Bloggers.

I Officially started this Blog in January 2005. Within days of welcoming myself to the page. I had Relationship issues, as well as fun stuff to blog about within months i had death in the family. i blogged about that as well. There were many Crazy things I blogged about as well. Different things as it relates to my life, Technology, Forum postings, Photos, random quizzes and things on TV. I had made a few Thousand Views by then. My Blog wasnt as Kewl as it is now.

With "Life" Occouring, the biggest thing since i started my blog was the oncoming of katrina. 4 days before Katrina i added the hit counter to the site. due to my blog posts during the weeks after katrina. it landed on CNN as well as many other things. Thats when I realized that people were REALLY reading.

I used to have 60+ Entry's a month, I slacked up after 2006. i came to N.O and I couldnt blog everyday. i even vowed to not blog as much by waiting till many things to happen before i actually post an entry. I had Entres I called "Silent blogs" back in 06 mainly because I didnt have online access. since then though. Slacked off alot. at the same time. I realized that over the years. i've become better at writing and everything. .. I' still do write BAD but just Not as bad..LOL!!

In Recent times, I Have been Blogging at my old normal pace. but not only with personal entries. Sometimes I blog to show off videos I have made. or to inform the people that things are going on. Sites like facebook have been part of the reason I don't write here as much. But at the same time. It gave me a reason to begin blogging Normally... Why? .. it's because people have gotten so fixed on Microblogs, I felt that it was the perfect time to allow my complete thoughs roll out in here. Because it's not "whats hot" right now.

I've blogged about how I feel about Twitter users in the recent past, they don't know what they're doing, they only know that like facebook or myspace hat they're Commenting to status changes. They really dont understand the Twitting concept. .. there are great reasons to use Twitter now. but i refuse too. I've even tried a twitter alternative purposely but it wasnt "for me" .. LOL ..At this point. I Still change my status on facebook to get reactions from friends.. I just dont understand people who say "go check my twitter" in their facebook statuses when they could just write what ever they want to write in their facebook status boxes and the odd part is that some of them have private twitters. yet they allow anyone to "follow" them

I've been Blogging for nearly 5 years and I plan on being a forever blogger. I may even get a Dot com Domain soon. With that said. I just may call it a night. BUT FIRST!!.. i think I must say this...

I appreciate the people that read my blog, even if i you don't comment on it. sometimes it makes me feel weird when people tell me they read my blog. but hey My Blog is public. Why would i put something online if i didn't want people to see it? lol yeah this is my personal blog. but it's how i share my life with the world. and i'd rather stick to detaild posting rather than an incomplete thought. I would like it if other Bloggers and readers decide to follow my blog by clicking the google friend connect. I know that following was a 'twitter" thing. but hey. it's worth it if you want to keep up with other blogs.

I love the way This site has the host (blogger) as upgraded since the time i started. I'm not like the greatest writer in the world but hey. I plan on Keeping this service. And with a Name like "Note From The Book" . I should Trademark that title many people assume that i'm either writing a book or that i wrote a book. .. NOOOO! .. Book is my alias .. reffering to myself as "The Book" .. as for the Title. oddly enough with me I got the idea from Published Books, You know how theirs allway the Page that has an Authors Thesis usually titled "A Note from the books editor" or "Notes from the Author" .. Writing these Entries are like writing "Notes".. and according to Facebook. They ARE notes ..LOL so hey.. even though my blog was created before facebooks existance LOL.. yeah.. The Title is Basically ABOUT ME! .. You wan't to know anything about me. it's all here for You!

Note From The Book

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