Sunday, June 21, 2009

That New Nair Shower Power Works Wonders!

At least it Did for Me, Maybe Not for some other folks Down in the Activity Pit… Although they may be right, I wouldn’t know.

Now, You might be asking, “What kind of man uses a Product advertized for Women”. Well .. A Grown  Man With a Hairy Back THATS WHO!, and Besides, I bought It before the advertisement came out. Also. I’ve had it for nearly a month and had Never used it.

Now Before I truly get started. I want to say that I have No shame in using this product. nor sharing it here or discussing it with friends if need be. Because at the end of the day. it Beats using a razor and getting hair bumps all the time.  I've had hair on my back ever since about 2003. Seems like after having back surgery it just came on and since then has gotten thicker. Other than that I’ve had the Taco meat chest since high school. LOL folks used to Talk about me because i was sweaty  and perspired a lot.  It’s the same reason why I carry a Big Towel with me to this day… That may be a little besides the point of using Nair, But  my point is, having the hair gets uncomfortable after a while so I’d shave. but it seems as if its not enough.  So I had to do something about it and I think I made the right choice with Nair Shower Power.

With that said, I’ve bought shaving lotions for my face to prevent razor bumps in the past. but nothing like this. It works  as advertized. all you have to do is follow the instructions on the back.

With a Brother like me who just cant Shave my back nor actually Apply, I had my mother apply both coats to my back as i did my chest and stomach area. I let it sit for nearly 10 minutes as I shaved my face and prepared my shower.  I Proceeded to Shower. Then with a Swipe of the sponge a whole Heap of hair came off my chest.

That made me feel Great too. because in the past with razor bumps and things This was just Amazing!  I didn’t think it would work. I also got most of my back hair off. When I finished showering I had my mom throw another coat on a spot that i couldn’t remove from my back.  Other than that.  It worked GREAT! I’d recommend that for anyone who needs to remove body hair. 

Now All I Need is MORE!! Why? Because I may have to use it on some other parts.. yeah yeah.. Them parts .. BUT HEY IM A MAN .. Sometimes the beast has to release itself from the midst of the Jungle! ..LMAO! without it, it makes you feel REFRESHED!

Did I Mention that This was the New Thick Formula? well yeah It is, There are a few people on Youtube giving Reviews on how It didn’t work on their Legs. Well hey. it Sure worked on my Torso. It’s the same one as the picture shows.

I’ll be Getting some sleep in a minute. But I’ll say one thing. Ay Brothers out there. If you are looking for something to remove that hair. whether you want it or not…LOL.. Try This Product! it’s a little under $10.00 at Walgreens.

I guess the only risk would be damaging your skin if instructions aren’t followed.

It Works I Tell You! Believe The Book!

Note From The Book

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