Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I ain’t even Breathing right

Because of the Yesterdays Smog so to speak; I’m really unable to function properly. This sucks because I’m doing what I do. but at the same time I just feel down. Like, I’m not in a good mood and I should really be sleeping.

I can’t deal with that stuff man, I try to help folks but oh well. Ah man I started Following Eric Bishoff’s blog,the cat is real political. he doesn’t really care for the Obama Administration but hey, I’m a Fan of Eric. His opinions on Obama’s Policy has nothing to do with why I’m a fan of Him. Lol

Speaking of that. I’ve been watching this whole Healthcare issue for the longest. Were in pretty shaky times. I think this is the right time to Talk about it, But when are we going to see some Action? ya know,. When are things going to Be Done?

Ahh speaking of Wrestling & Health, This Kurt Angle Situation is crazy, He missed TNA’s PPV at first i thought it was some kind on publicity stunt. but when It showed up on more news sources I believed it. I know this man had problems with Pain Killers in the past, but dang, Stalking Kurt?  Wow man… that seriously sucks.  As an Olympic Champ I honestly think he needs to Look at who he is as a Man and the things he’s accomplished and Just Take a Breather  and maybe RETIRE from Pro Wrestling.. or at least go see a Psychologist  LOL

It’s crazy man. It really is.

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