Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just About done


Yeah, So I’ve been cleaning up, and Staying up.  went to sleep for the first time in 2 days. and boy do I feel Refreshed… well Nah!

“…Left My Wallet in El Segundo” ..LMAO!

Yeah I watched LadyKillers for the First time in Years. I love that movie. I should have cut my Phone off last night, While I was sleeping this fool called me up asking for something, Iono.. But forget that, These fools demand too much.

School’s Started, My brother came home happy yesterday because He saw many friends, some from Pre-Katrina, Some he last saw while living in the Astrodome. LOL .. Time Flies..

For me, I gotta get Back in the Biz.

Here’s what I was saying though folks, I Purposely Signed for Twitter, I see where it has a purpose, but other than That I’d rather use Facebook.  I’m trying to stay anonymous for the time being.  I found a Use for it. it’s connected to a Facebook Page I don’t use much. LOL. I think I’m going to connect it to Another to see how things work out.

it’s funny because it all started out as an SMS service called Twttr back in 2006. Seems Like it came along is More than that.. The best part about it is that it’s serving a purpose to people who wouldn’t normally do that.  The bad thing is, it’s been ghettophied!

at the end of the day. Facebook is still better in many way.. Why? because I sure dont consider Twitter a real website, it’s just a txt  database full of ofsite links.. .. OH! Facebook Vs Google is the New Thing”  now.

In Some Other News..

  • I helped Kandi Get Back in to school
  • Been Chatting it up with Ramonda, she’s a sexy beast.
  • I Hadn’t talked to Jermani since I let her know about that Issue.
  • Chelsea and I have been messing with people Hard about our Facebook Relationship.
  • My Phone is Back on! ..LOL

Yeah.. I’m good, I’m Out.

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