Monday, August 31, 2009

SMH at This Situation with 2 friends of mine. Didn’t want to blog about this, but I guess it needs to be said, Quisha and Kandace have ruined their own Friendship by beating around the bush rather than giving direct thought to each other.  Being that I’m a mutual friend they both came to me with their stories. This has been going on for like 2 weeks now.  I’ve been listening as I usually do. but this time they wanted me to Keep it going by telling  their Thoughts.

at some point I did, Other times I didnt because i felt that all the additional Info wasn’t needed. Now Today apparently they Talked to each other and some how Quisha is mad at me for Not Telling Kandace Everything she told me to tell her. At least that’s what I got from Kandace…

How Do I Feel About this situation. I could care less, But they’re my friends and I’m here to Listen. Thats All I wanted to do. I wasn’t going to Side with Neither.  I was just Listening.  and besides, It’s Over A Dude…   I really don’t need to explain what happened but  at the same time. I feel that As Friends they both need to reevaluate that situation and  then Leave it alone.

I Also feel that just as kandace said Theirs No need to prolong the situation when it could have been over in minutes.  Quisha just kind of got upset because she feel that Kandace didn’t really say anything.   On the other hand, Quisha was mad because she felt that Kandace was telling folks, which She was, but only because of what was displayed publically on Facebook by both parties.

Eventually Somehow this all leads back to her being angry with  me for Not Sharing the Info. .. Why Didn’t I.. Because I Honestly Don’t care.

Truth is, Quisha and I haven't been talking about the situation since it happened.
Kandace actually discussed that with me because she felt that Quisha was wrong for allowing herself to be in that position that she has discussed that with The Guy who was involved. He doesn’t care about the situation. Quisha actually wants approval to say she was right. when technically she wasn’t Wrong either.

It’s just that. Kandace and this guy are roommates and Ex’s and its like Quisha Disturbed Kandace by telling her what Happened..  Nah it wasn’t Sex, It was Just a Peck on the lips while Quisha laid down In the Main room of the Dorm.. Kandace felt she shouldn't have been There trying to nap if she knew that a guy was in there.

But Im like.. It’s a dude, He really don't care. the situation is nothin’ and shouldn't have gotten to the point of madness. I Know Quisha will be mad at me for Not saying enough.  but I might have to come at her direct and just tell her how i Really  don’t care  ..  It ain’t my problem. 

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