Friday, September 11, 2009

I Need To Make a Dental Appointment


But I need a good & cheep dentist, Maybe I need to see an orthodontist why? My teeth are Bad.. one of my fronts has been chipped for a long time, although “Fixed” it’s not actually straight..  The Other front is Not somehow Chipped it the top.. it’s ugly. at least it Feels ugly But I need it fixed. It may have to be shaved down, which means it will be weaker.  I have 2 back teeth that need to be pulled as well. and they need to be cleaned, it’s like  I need a Mouth Makeover. LOL. I Only have about $900 to my name. If I could get porcelain Crowns i’d be Straight!

See, The Other day while brushing its like I Felt that the tooth was damaged. That sux. I need to get that fixes. and 2 others pulled mainly.

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