Monday, September 21, 2009

Who Was That Masked Man? LOL!

image Aight, so I’m watching WWE RAW, Guest Host is Cedric The Entertainer. Ced Had a Special Match vs Chavo Guerrero, Jr.   This fool came out Dancing in some Tights… Did a whole lot of Stalling and then Ran Under the ring.  a minute later Out came a Bigger Masked Man..  I sat here like, It Can’t be Mark Henry, It Can’t be Shad..

it almost looked too big to be Boogeyman or Ezekiel Jackson.. LOL. Who ever he was, he knocked Chavo down, Which led to a Masked Hornswoggle Frog splashing on Chavo.  Ced came back in to make the Pin, Then Got up for a Victory dance. Then Both Hornswoggle and the other Masked guy came out to join in. He Kept the Mask on during the dance they did at the end of the Match.

There aren't Too many BIG black Wrestlers in WWE, The others  are smaller than that.  .. my guess is Ezekiel.. i
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