Monday, October 05, 2009

Boombox Classic End Results according to The Marchingsport Community

bbc_pic Saturday was the big game between Southern and Jackson State.  As overly hyped as the game was. the end result as far as The Tape goes was just as anticipated So Marchingsport decided to Stream the full  game video yesterday via Ustream.TV.

There were Multiple Topics of discussion, But at the end of the day I see that Many people are saying that the bands were both just about even and that the event was boring this year.

I personally believe they felt this way because they’ve saw both bands many times do the things they do.  The game was not Exciting according to many .. I wasn’t at the game, I saw the footage online.  From the Zero to the 5th, these bands played back to back. From what I saw, There was no Wow Factor. These bands are just about Average this year.

I hear that the stadium wasn’t a sold out crowd,  Maybe SU fans didn't travel… ..maybe it was JSU supporters boycotting this game due to the hazing incident.  I read that The JSU drum section was barred from being flashy at games as part of their punishment for being involved in the Hazing incident. That’s understandable.

The Forum is so hot, Daniel had to put out another Reminder to not Create Multiple topics just to get your point across.. lol.. here’s the  Hottest for The JSU/SU game ….Click Here


I wish I could have been there, My boy Tyrone said that he was called a Pervert for Videoing JSU’s Dancers. I had to laugh at that one because being a Photographer of these bands,You’d Know the big Double Standard when Filming Collage Dancers. If you’re a Straight man they will Call you a pervert, If you’re a Gay man people don’t mind, they just assume your just a fanatic.… I honestly don’t understand why they feel that way. but I look at it like this..  As a Bandhead & Fan of these bands, I Do It out of respect of the Craft… I feel the need to provide Footage so that the Bandheads can see themselves.   What ruins that are the people who just assume that you’re going to do Dirty work with this.  As for me. I usually get a Media Pass so that I can freely do as i please.

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