Thursday, October 01, 2009

Done Deal and More! lol

ight, So Yesterday after coming home from my nephews football game, I managed to pack in some good Hours of sleep.. Therefore Mission Accomplished. Although I woke up 3 times in the Process. LOL. 1 phone call, 1 because of the heat, the other was just random.
I Talked to My Older Brother about Getting a Job for a brief moment. I honestly think that Leows is the closes business I’d rather work for right now. I’ll look in to it. man It’s October..2009… I haven't worked since November 2007.. yeah I’ve made Money due to side hustles like Fixing Computers and things, but I need a job. So Yeah.. I’m going to do that!

What Did I do Yesterday?
DSCF5259 I Went to my nephew football game, He plays for Lakeview Park, They played Kenilworth and Beat’em. I can’t remember the score though..LOL…. I might have to go to all his games now Due to folks wanting Pictures of their Kids. and they’re willing to pay for them. While i was Taking pictures. a at the game. I see that former Saint Pat Swilling is one of the Coaches of the team. It’s probably because His son plays too.  his wife was out there along with my sister making the most noise. I met her too. I had no clue who she was. somebody else told me.. I was like “oh” ..LOL!

Some folks asked me if I do photography, I said “Somewhat”.. I always say that because I don’t sell. and i really have no reason to right now. I honestly feel that I ain’t good enough right now.
seems like every time i leave the house Things become more interesting in my life..LOl
Oh, and i Might be going to the Jackson State vs Southern Game. Hopefully it happens.

Speaking of Jackson let me get into this Hazing Issue…

I discussed an Issue with an HBO representative Prior to the end result of this hazing case. this was going to be a first as it results to having a Band story on their sports pages.  He wanted a inside view of how things are. So I told him Much about the crabbing process works as compared to Getting your Letters within a Section. I gave him some insight on How I felt about this situation and why i don't like the putting  Emphasis on the term “Code of Silence” as it regards to these bands.

Their Is no code of Silence, why? In all respect to the band room The big Unwritten rule of band is, What goes on in the Band room stays in the band room.  and if it happens outside the band practice area.. or is visual to non members. That's when its no longer a band Matter, its just human conflict.
I asked him to Take a look at The Marchingsport Forums, Because that's where the code of silence Ends.  We as  Bandheads discuss these issues Publicly all the time In one location. if anybody were to see these things, they’d understand that we take this stuff Seriously..

I told him that There are some forms of hazing that Need to be Permitted motivational use.  Things such as General Crab Rules like “Don't walk on the grass, Shave your head.. Or general things in which Crabs are not allowed have the same freedoms as Upperclassmen. The Fact is that their is no reason to have someone Nearly Die to have a special rank in any band.. and that's where the story ends really.

Many of these guys Think it makes them stronger after they’ve been through getting whooped or going through something. They call new members weak if they cant handle The minor and General band things such as Push ups and other forms of Excursive. and just general peer pressure.  but their is no reason to just BEAT someone. yeah i keep saying it because its a waste..

Look at this Still Frame from the Drumline Movie…

General Description: Band Crabs, in Crab Gear in the rain.. by themselves. Upperclassmen have them  Humming Cadences while they squat in the rain..

  If you were Not in Band  You might say “This is Hazing” . But Its not a Bad hazing, Its Practice Procedures that just happened to take place in the rain. Yeah its a Form of hazing, but its also a form of preparedness.  and IMO its the kind of thing a bandsmen must experience because it gives them something Crazy to have as memories to their college years..  Yeah This pics is a MOVIE but it represents what I’m talking about.
I talked to this guy for like an Hour and i basically gave him the rundown that was Ironically stated in the Press conference which can be listened to here at (its the audio file)

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