Friday, October 23, 2009

Got things to do

Today was an Okay Day. I went to get my Hair cut at Stop Jockin’ In Preparation for this Funeral. I talked with Jimmy (the Barber) about how Our Community (The St. Bernard Neighborhood) has changed over time and what to expect and Hopefully get  to see in the future.  Things are Changing and I think its for a better.

I was supposed to attend the McD35 Homecoming, But I decided to come home instead. From there I downloaded games on the Wii, and then chilled with the fam.

My Mom & Dad left to head to Sears, My Sisters and I went to Kings Buffet to eat.. yeah Good food, I’m good & full. We just discussed the situations dealing with the Death of her Brother N Law and the funeral as well.

Life is Hard.  but things happen, Sometimes its as if  its like “Final Destination” when its your time to go.. it’s unavoidable.

I’ll be attending that funeral.

Here are some Pictures of My Day.

I Went to Walmart and saw this shirt, I’m not sure if this was purposely done because the Southern U. Official colors are Columbia Blue & Gold.

There were other Paraphernalia but and yeah we know They were any shade of blue.. but at the same time This Shirt .. Its just totally Incorrect.. it says “Royal Blue” and its written in Navy..LOL

No Doubt the School  official logo colors are in Blue and Gold.. but its not their school colors.

Stop Jockin’  My Barber ..


One of my Dishes at Kings Buffet


My Sister getting Ice Cream


ME with my hair cut

Note From The Book

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