Monday, October 12, 2009

Look’s like I’ll be attending the next Saints game man,  My Brother will be getting the tickets tomorrow. Most likely these will be nosebleeds. and it’s mainly because They’re playing the New York Giants .. My Brother is a Giants fan..  I’m going to buy a Saints Jersey on purpose!

Last time I attended a Saints game I was in High School and I was part of the Half Time show with the New Orleans Public Schools All Star Marching band. we weren’t allowed to  actually watch with everyone else. but we  did have a special area designated for us to watch the game on TV.  folks like myself stood at the Tunnel Entryway. I remember the Rams game Thoroughly. LOL because during practice they came to walk across the field to head the locker rooms.  Marshall Faulk came to give the Carver students free shirts .. the rest of us just “looked on” because we couldn’t finish practicing til they got through with that..

Yeah I’m a saints fan, but to be honest. I’m not really a Football fan.. Not Really a fan of Ball Sports at all…. yes I’ve attended games, I know the players, I know the plays. I just can’t watch a Full game the true fans. 

I attend Black College Football games because that’s  more than a Football event. LOL This will be my first time paying for a saint’s game so I know these will be nosebleeds .. The only other time Outside of Performing at the games was a long time ago…lol

.. Like Pre Mike Ditka

   As for me, yeah I’m a Wrestling Fan.. I feel like this though, If i know someone who Does it, I’ll support them. Thats just me.

I’m Out..

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