Monday, October 19, 2009

This Morning was Fairly Shocking.

My Brother in-law got a call today letting him know that His Brother died in Bad Crash…  One that we all honestly heard of but overlooked. and it just so happens.  It was His Brother, Shocking…… Here’s the Article


Beneath that article were a few bad comments. the cousin & Mother of one of the female victims of this crash replied to one of the bad comments. basically telling folks to stop jumping to conclusions, assuming the worst possible case scenario..

I can respect them coming on defending that  because is full of Anonymous Members making blunt statements not knowing who’s reading.

to be honest, I don’t know his real name. but One thing I’ll Never forget about he was very respectful and even though he was my sisters in law he also referred to the rest of the Family as family as well…

It’s a Shocking Thing to know man…

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