Monday, November 30, 2009

they always question topic deletion..

and that Deletion eventually Amounted to someone basically putting the dolls on a high pedestal as usual.. (as the topic related to the  recent Bayou Classic)


MM76 said,
I don't have a dog in this hunt coming from the east coast and am no ways a dancer, however, the Dolls are straight fire, hotness, etc! So, everything they do isn't a perfect as it can be. Well, I've yet to visit Perfectville or meet its inhabitants. The fact remains they are to HBCUdom what the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders are to the NFL/professional dance teams. I mean they just had 40 years and 4 generations performing for homecoming. Who else can lay claim to that? And, while others are touting other squads consistency is key if you want to be the big man/girl on campus. 1 or 2 years of a good performance does not make one a legend. Get past a decade and then talk. Madd props to SU/JSU cuz they seem to be the only consistent groups out there of all HBCUdom.

therefore I posted this

the Dolls came about in 59, SU's band went thru various name changes before 1969 when they were officially named the Marching Human Jukebox (eventually shortened to human jukebox) .. the dolls were dolls thru all of those changes.. that's tight huh? .. if you add the belles (which are a totally different group) to the list the whole aux has been around just as long as the school had a band... the dolls basically celebrated 40 years of a breed like no other ..

Texas Southern's also celebrated 40 years of the ocean of soul @.... which includes all groups in the unit... the school's had a it all since 1947, the band and aux names came in 1959.... so SU’s dolls ain’t the only ones celebrating 40 years ...

AAMU... got a dance team in 98.. you would Have to expect that their Influences are Tied to other teams.. .. prior to The Divas, The Twirlers have been there since The Beginning of AAMU's band ..

JSU became the Sonic Boom in the 70's... same as the J-settes
. PV's dancers were called the black foxes long before pv's band was called the storm...
Orchesis was at gsu in 48... back when gsu wasn't famed at

40 years is great..but in that 40 years all of these teams inducing their predecessors have changed drastically.. almost everything we've gotten accustomed too about these teams became "signature" way back in the 70's ... .. some of them teams still only appeal to a generation before our time, but that's them.. it's what they do.. i can respect what they all do because we are Entertainers .....

what you see now, or think its new or innovative.. it's all been done before.. yet now maybe enhanced to raise the make other teams go back to roots or possibility break away their traditional styles to compete. ...
with that said.. its all about the doing what you do the way you do it.... and having fun..

Now since we're on the Subject of Bayou Classic .. What We Know as GREAT, CLASSIC and ORIGINAL, its also BORING.. because we EXPECT to see them Do The SAME THING.. but when Certain People from Certain Schools speak their mind on those performances like these you all get HEATED..

And at the end of the day.. Threads get closed and Deleted..

I Love the These Teams because they're there to Entertain me. .. it's about what they're doing NOW .. because when its over..its been done.. If I had came on here to share My Opinion and I get cussed out.. You're getting Banned as compared to having a thread deleted.. . but hey.. I don't really have an opinion anyway Yeah I do Care about the Wellbeing of their "character" so to speak.. but hey I'm just a Dude lookin' at Body's move.. You can take that how you want.. .. But that's how I see it...

and if you ask any Observers outside of band, what do they see.... They question it if These teams are being exploited..because what they see is Rated R.. Not the art it self...

i guess my point is ..Respect the Craft... There's a way to Critique the Art without Disrespecting someone's Individual self.

.. I'm out

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