Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Brittany Murphy, Another Young One Gone

This it wild to me, I wanted to write on it “the day of” but i had so mhttp://www.engagements.ca/brittany%20murphy.jpguch going on.
I Could seriously see somebody like Ricardo Montalban, or Walter Cronkite, dying, they were older than my Grandparents.  But Brittany Murphy dying on “Natural Causes” makes me just want to attempt at losing weight again.

I haven’t seen Many movies with her in them, but I’ve seen her in Clueless and 8 Mile along with a number of Sitcoms and TV shows she played in  two Totally different kinds of rolls and she was Great at it. There were behind the scenes footage of her doing character voice over's and things… I had no Clue she was the voice of “Gloria” in Happy Feet.. she was pretty good at it. THAT MOVIE WAS CRAZY! .. “PENGUINS WOO!!” lol  I’ve also seen her in a few sitcoms when she was younger, always playing the “Clumsy Friend” roles.

I can Say that I was a fan of Brittany Murphy. and I think its sad that she died, they say natural causes but this just about brings me back to Heath Ledgers Situation. the difference is, he died it a hotel on drugs. I guess being that they were both young Hollywood stars makes them similar.

Rest In Peace Brittany Murphy.

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