Monday, December 14, 2009

Yes He will be banned soon!

There’s this person on the sport named Tiffani, Tiffani has been causing a lot of arguments on the site since the beginning of the fall. on many occasions i’d receive phone calls asking if I’d band This person.  but I’ve had no reason to. But I realized that something was wrong.

Most recently I’ve been getting messages from Tiffani asking me to “Stay Fair” when moderating the forum. Mainly because I banned “Ryan” which was a false account. and because of some forum controversy. they all speak “Freedom of Speech” when I start closing threads .. yada yada ..


Book, I want to remind you that this public site is popular because the different array of viewpoints and I'm aware that there is a lil click here on this site of bandheads and some are allowed to say things and others get banned. You are a really good moderate but people are noticing that you let some of your FRIENDS get away with things moreso than others.
I'm not a problem for you on this site, but it's easy to banned me if you like to get rid of any potential threat, which I'm not. People love reading what I have to say. My sayings are disrespectful and I don't use all those curse words.
With all of this said I wonder whaat will happen to wondertwin for what she said.

So After trading Messages, I realized This Person is trying to get in Good with me. And at this point I went to Investigate.

On Many Occasions Prior to this, I’d just watch posting patterns and yeah Tiffani only speaks highly of 2 dance lines, like a Typical Froot would do. and then he'd just Post the Worst of things about others.  and I’d talk to Jermani about Tiffani due to Situations where they’d argue for hours.  she assumed it was a guy I banned from the old forum, but its not.  other than that,  many him banned for being the so controversial.

Just like Jermani Assumed, I found out Tiffani was a Male named Tim somewhere in Mississippi, he’s about 30 years old and well.. Likes boys.. smh..

Fooling with me is where he messed up at. Now he’s trying to get in good with me, He doesn’t realize he could be band Simply because pretending to be something he’s not.  It would be EVIL to Expose him based on the info I found. but that’s what he’s asking for. I won’t do that. 

But man, Today i got up and i talked to Jermani about what i’ve found out. I also told my STM folks that I’ll wait until January to ban Him. you see, I want to see how He reacts after a special event takes place. after that He’s Gone!

lol.. It’s a “Gotcha” moment ya know..

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