Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is It War?

Man, So I saw the news today and I was.. Not necessarily shocked, But I think it’s a shame. too many of these younger men are getting themselves Killed over things that are not worthy of dying for.

I don’t think they realize that Murder can’t be stopped here. Everybody wants to be Thugs.. Why? Nobody Knows. one thing folks don’t know is that it’s not something that just suddenly happens, they grow up with it in or around their households.  and The Retaliation factor can go back years passed.

Between 15 and 25  Is about survival in those streets,  It’s like Iraq and everybody is a terrorist.  I say that because for every person that is Killed, a Family has to suffer a loss.  A loss that could be Financially, Emotionally, Personally damaging to a family.

The folks I deal with are all somehow due to special interest as related to an organized unit. Never just a random load of Monsters ready to attack.

it’s a shame man, It’s  being at war and dodging bullets every day.

I’ll have more to say later on.

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