Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Guess I’ll begin on this now

Okay, The Post Labled  “And Another Thing is”.. was initially part of a bigger rant which talked about how my brother  keeps trying to tell me what I need to do with my life and how he makes comparisons as well as predictions based off of my current position.

I went on to explain that I dislike it when he does that, as well as my point of view of the whole situation,

Generally, I know what I need to do to get where I need to be. I personally don’t think that his way of doing it is good for motivation. I’ll probably get deeper in to it some other time later.

Somehow The post was written over rather than as a totally new blog entry.  That sux. I guess it wasn’t ment to be up. .. If I could find it cached I’ll repost it.. or else I’d basically get in to detail when I write about it later on today.. That’s only If I do…

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