Monday, May 10, 2010

Murder of a Musician

photo I received a phone call with the news some time in the AM, as well as via facebook. I read the article at Nola this morning in regard to the murder of Brandon Franklin. All I could do is shake my head in disbelief.

He was a Member and Drum Major of the O.Perry Walker High School band as well as the Louisiana Leadership Institute Marching Band around the time he became a member of the To Be Continued Brass Band. He has also performed with many other brass bands in the city.

Every Time I would see him he was either Playing Music, going to a gig, coming from a gig. or hanging around somebody's band. The Last time I spoke to him was about 2 weeks ago outside of Tipatina’s. I believe he performed that night as well.

Here’s a comment someone added beneath the  article
Brandon Franklin was a very impressionable young man. I met him during the course of my employment with Algiers Charter Schools. He was such a tremendous asset to Mr. Rawlins, Music Teacher and Band Instructor at O. P. Walker High School. If you met Brandon you had to like him; his personality was a big as New Orleans. He always had a smile and a few words to make you strike up a conversation with him.
The band members at OPW had a lot of respect for him as he assisted Mr. Rawlins. I know that Will (Mr. Rawlins), Ms. Laurie (principal), and the students will miss him a lot.
Brandon R.I.P.
A drum major gone home!
My condolences  to The To Be Continued Brass Band, family, friends and anyone who’s effected by his death.
Rest In Peace Brandon Franklin.
You will be missed.
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