Tuesday, June 15, 2010

About time I got back to this…

JFK Class of 2000 Host's Mixer for All Classes 001Today, I’m blogging about my weekend. why? because even though I only went out friday. The whole thing was fun due to my interest in it. Infact. I’ll start somewhere within the week leading up to it….lol

So yeah. Last week was a Hustle, I had DVD’s to make for the reunion. I got that done and they played all night Friday. .. I didn’t attend the picnic nor other club night because it was.. Too Much really.. but I did manage to get some footage in.

I got there Early so I didn’t have to play.. That was GREAT!. Security took my cam.. until everybody started coming in.

There was a Band suit there. the old Banner. a Ribbing session that turned into alot of confusion. .. A Brass band. EVERYTHING. I couldn’t make a DVD due to time restraints but I can.. maybe next week though…

Man I talked to folks I haven’t seen since high school that was a great thing. and it wasn’t even MY reunion. LOL. but shew man I’m good I had fun and didn’t spend a DIME. ..lol

I spent this week snapping pics of alot of females ..lol all i can say is that The world as changed and  the people have just about stayed the same. LOL  I realize though that many of the females who seemed to be the stuck up type high school seemed to be the coolest ones there. 

There was alot of Tattooed and pierced up people there.  It was great. I wanted to go to the picnic but it rained. I saw pics they were great.  

Since then I’ve been getting facebook requests and everything. Bonose did his video. I added some videos. I’ll post in the next  Blog post. I’m good.

Shouts out to the Class of 2000 Reunion Committee.  also and those Before and Beyond… Including MY CLASS of 2002.. JFK .. as real as it gets…

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