Tuesday, June 15, 2010

That Mixer was Crazy

So Here are two clips from the JFK Alumni Mixer.
Here you have Rafe The Trackaholic vs Fifth Ward Weebie along with Rude Jude the Comedian. a Rib Session, a Dance off and everything else is going on… Much of it i never got to putting up yet but i will
The Funniest part  to me is that Everything Stops when the band music plays. aside from that it returns to regularity in the club.

On part 2. It looks like a fight was about to break out but it was just some Mic Confusion..check out Thomas in the  Old JFK Band Suit. LOL

It was a Night to Remember. I’m glad I captured that.. At the end of the day There was no Beef though. it was all good. .. Just too many people hogging the mics..
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