Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I didn't think it was that serious

So I got to practice yesterday late. they were talking bout the things that have been holding them back. I didn't realize that part of it was about something that had happened earlier. So I got there. and they were just talking of how folks want to have it their way and are not there enough to even do their part.  The other half was when Black got up there and stated what he had to say..

Afterwards he asked me to come outside because someone told him that I had been talking about him .. i guess in a bad way as if i had something against him. I  laughed because thought it was funny.... I have nothing against that dude.  I was in there. Ribbin' and Joking with the other tuba players Saturday saying he teaches like his old Band Director... I told him that when he asked and I even put it on Facebook tagging him  But somebody took it serious for some reason.. I know who it was. but wow that was unnecessary..He said that he hadn't been on Facebook that weekend so he didn't see.. I just told him that it was still up.. I have nothing against him. the dude is Great at what he does.

So practice goes on For the remainder of night.. I got home to finish up on some projects.. stood up til 7 only to be awaken at 12... I got a call from Perry; He told me that He had a fight with Charles.. Why...Well..Charles was just talking about things at the beginning of the practice & Perry took everything personal and he got upset and they got into a fight that was broken up. All of this because Perry wants to have it his way.

I told perry that  we have to play Something old and new. Not just to crank, but that's what everyone wants to do. and that's holding the band back... Perry is one of the people who wants to do that.  and to be honest. the only reason he wanted to march was because he knew all those bands were going. That's kinda crazy though man.

As for me, I didn't have a problem. I felt kinda stupid being that the Black really asked me to step outside.. I'm not gonna fight the Perry did. I had no clue that had accoured. even if he would have If'ed I wouldn't have allowed it. I can't do that. it's unnecessary. But to be honest. . I think it was Cool of him stop me and ask if i did have a problem. ya know..
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