Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Street Entertainers Are Speaking Out

.. As well as their fans, and voices are being heard.

Let The Street Music Play, Written on a New Blogs about the shutdown of the TBC Brass Band.

There’s an article on in regard to The Curfew regarding street Entertainers including the shutdown of the TBC Brass band

That Article at can be viewed here.

You can Join the "Don't Stop the Music, Let New Orleans Street Musicians Play!"Facebook page

By the looks of it, In Protest they went out to play their music in hopes to draw attention to the issue. I wish i could’ve be out there.

Lisa P. made this Video of the Shutdown by NOPD

There was also this Video Lisa P. took of Sean stating how he felt about the situation on the night it happened.


Here are some controversial comments made on by a person calling him/herself “Common Sense” giving

Why should honest club owners be ripped off & undercut by these rogue bands who play for free, without permits or gigs or any regulation? I guess it's fine to put all the bars and clubs out of business.

Jackie Clarkson, your city needs you again! This rip-off situation with bands playing out in the open on the sidewalk reminds me of how the artist situation in Jackson Square used to be: Willy-nilly, with unpermitted and unregulated artists hawking their wares, a total lack of control and oversight

After reading this, it makes me cringe. you shouldn’t need a permit to perform in the french quarters. to my knowledge this anywhere else in the city permits were always needed and  the only time a permit was not needed is if there were police escorts. but this is the French quarter area  Permits shouldn’t be needed for street acts unless those street acts are within range of a residential area. and NOBODY lives on the corner of Bourbon.

These Street Performers are not hurting anyone, and  with Jazz being very much what this city has to offer. what Is New Orleans Jazz without Jazz on the Streets? There are many bars and night clubs that play their music EXTREMELY LOUD on bourbon. Why cant a Brass Band Play on a Street that’s speaks the nightlife of New Orleans.


Some Anus also wrote  Playing music in the street is no better than theft.

That Sounds like someone who has no Life.

Here’s another one written by the user “Common Sense”

I hope next we can sort out and enforce the permit situation for all the trashy street performers that take up space on Royal St., distracting and bothering shoppers. There should be mandatory drug testing to get a permit to perform, it shouldn't be so cheap that any yahoo can afford it, and those without permits should go to jail! Now that we have a better class of person in office, it's time we CLEAN this CITY UP!

What’s messed up is that. I could say that That comment is RACIST based off what was bolded

Let’s say they start enforcing the permit laws. this would force bands like TBC or even some Tap Dancing Kid to go to City Hall and basically Rent performance time for every day they perform.  that’s unnecessary. As for the drug tests. just like one person who commented via said…  Check all the Albums you own and then ask how many of those musicians have taken a drug test prior to performing? .. Many of them no-mater what race have used drugs.  Do you Need a Permit to play that music in your car? NO…


How about Eliminating The Exotic Dancers from Dancing outside their strip club doors? How about Eliminating Lucky Dog Carts? How about Eliminating Mardi Gras? .. Or Music in Vehicles… this person’s saying the city “clean it up”  as if it’s a crime to play music on the streets..

Why Take the Music Away?

I Personally think it’s sad.

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