Tuesday, July 20, 2010

WTC site and the mosque issue

Looks like Many are mixed over that decision. In my opinion it’s nothing big to me. In fact it doesn’t really bother me. maybe if they move the site 300 miles away from the WTC Site it would satisfy people,

I Guess Folks don’t like the Idea that Muslims in the area will be roaming the streets as well as holding worship nearby a place where Muslim Terrorist Destroyed The Old American Way.  The Nation changed after 9/11/01.  It’s also gave people a reason to be openly Racist or discriminative in regard to middle easterners.

What does bother me is the that they’re still making reference to the WTC Site as “Ground Zero”  The News Media Uses it as if it’s the official name of the site.   I hate it because it’s like they’re glorifying the attacks.   

its like “They want to build a mosque at ground zero” now if i wouldn’t have known they were talking about the WTC site I could have thought they were talking about Hiroshima or something.. that’s just how crazy it is.

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