Monday, August 16, 2010

About time they upgraded!

Seesmic is a service that supports twitter through different apps its created. It's probably the best app for web/ desktop and for mobile devices. it's the only one i've used as compared to the official twitter app and ubertwitter which i have tried. 

Originially I started with seesmic via web. then desktop apps prior to the time i got my blackberry.. and well I'm glad they recently did an upgrade for my version of the curve. there were better versions for later BB models too so i just had to get it.

Speaking of my blackberry and upgrades. I tried to re-download the blackberry messenger and it once again slowed down my blackberry to the point where it didn't respond at all or was always busy. this time I managed to get the older model of BBM on. the sad part is that i had to remove and redownload the google app from the web. For some reason it tells me i've used up all the space .. but thats never the truth. smh.. BTW, BB Appworld sucks too.

I want a droid! 
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