Wednesday, August 11, 2010

That Other Music

Earlier today on my Facebook page a few of my friends got into a heated argument while giving their opinions  about a band playing the Bed Intruder song. I actually posted it as a blog but the video hasn’t uploaded yet .. and its likely when it finishes it will be posted at an earlier time frame so I’ll just link you to the video Here

Basically, after sharing it to my page. after 2 opinions opposing the song. saying that  a band playing it is glorifying ignorance on many levels.  some time after  Corey came in calling those who opposed “idiots”. that was very much uncalled for.

Now In My Opinion. I fell that the song is just a song. In fact. its more less a news report turned “how to catch a predator” tune. Its not even a parody. it’s just an auto tuned mix of the actual thing.  But folks have gotten mixed messages since it came out.  I just think its wild that a band is playing it. and it does sound good.

On bandhead,org members are jokingly insisting that that AAMU’s band should play it and have Antoine Dodson  along with his sister to sing it with the band. that would be funny.

Aside from that…

FANTASIA?.. C’mon Chick Live Your Life!
after seeing the reports and talking to Kandace about this situation earlier. All i can say to this is that. It’s messed up. She’s got too much going for her to try to end it that way. Maybe her personal life has gotten out of hand, but it’s nothing to attempt suicide over. in a way it was almost selfish to do…. That Is IF she was really trying to kill herself.  From the time she won Idol she’s been in to alot of stuff on the entertainment scene. but i guess her personal situations have stressed her out just that much.

I honestly hopes she gets well on her feet and rethinks everything she gets in. my heart goes out to her and I wish her even more success. because life is hard.. but at the same time. a Suicide attempt has got to be the dumbest thing ever.  

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