Sunday, September 19, 2010

Apparently My I’m Contributing to the downfall.

Last week at a local football game, one of the bands did a Bad field show.  I posted one schools show on YouTube, The other wasn’t posted at all.  Soon after people started asking me to post the bad show. Originally i refused to post it. so I didn’t post it on my YouTube account because YouTube is fairly common and I have Thousands of subscribers. it’s also the account i use to embed on the band site normally.


I Posted the Video To Visio on Thursday. Soon after i got a message from a recent Grad from that school asking about the videos. I explained that Folks wanted to see it so I posted it.

So to make things clear, He sent another message asking me to take the Video down….

So I told the dude I’ll take One of the halftime show down. because of course it does make them as well as  the city’s bands look bad. It’s VERY EMBARRASING. but that’s not my fault, They Did the Bad show…I only posted it online.  and  according to the counter only about 140 people saw it. that nothing compared to those in attendance witnessing it Live. Therefore my recording does doesn’t hurt them as much as they hurt themselves.

The other video he was talking about with the quotation marks was labeled “Fight Song”. Nothing was wrong with the clip at all. I decided to post it as a single video because The song they’re using is actually the TSU fight song,

But Back to the initial situation.
I Honestly don’t get why folks get upset with me when I'm only giving the people what they want. Usually I do hold off on putting Bad footage online. but folks ask for it so I let them have it…There are many other people who recorded that show, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it shows up online again. ..  I bet they won’t ask those folks to take the footage down, but when it’s me.. they Blame me or come at me because they know me.

these are the same folks who get come me for posting or my thoughts.  I have an opinion just like they do. The Other day I had to explain to someone that I cant get online and just say a band sounds or looks bad, because I get phone alls and messages such as the one in this entry. 

I don’t think they realize that i have al ot of material that i think is horrible and that I haven’t put online and most likely wont get posted online, because it sucks.   Yet this is the footage folks beg me for.   No I Don’t Have it…. Why? Because the Minute a bad clip or picture goes up.  they say I'm contributing to the downfall of our bands…

Don’t blame me because your band isn’t doing good. bad enough our bands get degraded by folks all across Louisiana..folks think i we use Katrina as an excuse for not having good bands. I get tired of having to defend our bands on that matter, because it’s Not an Excuse. Katrina destroyed an already collapsing system.. Since then our bands are struggling to rebuild. The Process is slow but they’re moving in the right direction.

Every now and then these bands have time where they don’t do well. and I can’t defend something that’s living proof. all i can do is discuss how they can improve or do my part by supporting the bands in some way.  IMO I do just that by recording (AND NOT SELLING) these bands and posting them online for the THEM and the world can see..Why? because it allows everybody to judge for themselves.

It’s marching band, It’s all about Bragging rights You can’t feel sorry for the members if they do bad. They Just need to take their loss and man up.

And besides.. he guy who came at me with this, now marches in a band that claims their the best at everything they do. and yeah THEY ARE.  and they’re proud of it.. They talk badly about bands who are not as great as they are.  but they Wine Like Babies when folks get on them for being Sub-Par at times.  Why? its because of their attitude regarding their reputation.

Whether you do Good or bad, your band is subject to both Bias and Unbiased Critiquing.. Everybody wont be on your side 100% of the time.

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