Sunday, September 12, 2010

Attended a High School Football game this weekend

Yep, I went out to get some good footage of this game. I was with my Nieces and my Brother who were seated as I roamed the stands, I got there 30 Minutes late, but i managed to get in some good footage of the bands, I’ll post them up later today, I just logged off the main PC because I’m not feeling too hot.


I have a tooth ache which is affecting the whole right side of my face. I hope it’s not any nerve damage. the tooth in the back of my mouth has been broken and rotten for a while now... should have gotten it pulled long ago. as well as with 2 other teeth. ... one which was broken years ago. the others both recently.

I haven’t been to a dentist in YEARS. I know they’re going to find so much wrong it’s a shame. I wish i could get one of my fronts capped off. or all of them for that matter. (so that they’d all look the same) but I really need some mandatory dental work.

If only I had the money to do so. I wonder if there are Grants that would help me pay for dental services.  I’m going to search for that! lol

I know it’s nearly $200 to get one in the back pulled .. and if that’s the case, it would be nearly  $600 if i were to include the other 2.  it’s crazy to me man. I know I can’t afford it…  but I need’em gone.

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