Thursday, March 10, 2011

Footage Ideas Running Through my Head

Although Many of these things I’ve already done. I think the trial period begins  now that I have an Idea of what I’m going to be doing with them. One of these Ideas occurred when my boy Joe asked if I could record the TBC brass band like how I used to do back in the St. Bernard, but this time in more of a Jam session style setting…. BING! The Light Came on,

This made me think of the Video I’ve captured of marching bands in the recent past. as well as the people at Marching band events.  The Texas Southern Vs Southern game came to mind first because I did that without even thinking about the concept. That game looks like a Reality based Documentary. and that’s what I want out of this.

or Something similar to this.

That’s not all. I’ve been inspired by other folks works All I want is that Real feel.

Gotta do it how it’s done ya know!

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