Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Preparing for a Trip

I’m preparing take a Trip. 2 weeks from now I’m heading to Orlando. yesterday I went shopping in much as I hate to wear shorts, I had buy some. First I went to Academy, should have went to Sports Authority though because There was nothing there. the only thing that caught my attention were some Brazos Boots & Spats. I don’t wear Brazos, I like  Magnum Boots… Which has little to do with

I went looking for Swimming Trunks, I went to Burlington Coat Factory got 2 pair. I also got a random pair of shorts to wear. All i need to do now is head to walmart to get some other things.  What’s crazy is I randomly went to Kmart and found some pants in my size The funny part is, The pants i bought, were the same ones my brother had on…   and then.. TACOS!!…

man.. I got alot to do when i get back too. but first i need o make money…. It’s about that time folks!

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