Sunday, June 12, 2011

Getting These Documentaries In

film roll.jpgI Just ran across tome old Footage In regard to the Black Panther Party, as well as some recorded Spike Lee Stuff that someone had converted Tape to DVD. in total it was 3 TV Documentaries and a movie. Two of the documentaries was about Heuy Newton One with Roger Smith as Newton. it was a very entertaining way to hear the story of Huey P Newton as if he were still alive.

It also influenced me look up some things on youtube as well.. Interviews and things of that nature.  some of that stuff i had already seen in the past though. Another Documentary was about Fred Hampton The other was a movie made in 95 called panther. I have that one on DVD already but it came in a 4 Films on 1 disk ISO . so i got it

Otherwise I ran across a bunch of TV Documentaries which were downloadable Via Torrent which were also taped. I'm Still putting this one together.   the first 4 is called “A Century of Self” a BBC TV Documentary-series. I have to check them all out. but they all will get burned to DVD first. then erased of course.

I like to watch documentaries, especially the ones that are informal. in regard to economics, human nature, product development and elements of history.   it’s better than watching movies..LOL!

I’m Out.

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