Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Randomness

I’m about to try to get some sleep an get up for at least 10. I’m supposed to be going somewhere so I gotta make that happen like now.

I spent the night watching the BET Awards. it was pretty Decent. The Folks i expected “Hood” out of didn’t take it that far.

I wont get too deep into details about what I thought of the show other than the fact that it was decent.

There were a few odd moments, but it was good for TV. I enjoyed the Tribute to the recently deceased artists at most. Patti Labelle could have been honored in a greater fashion as well.  .. Iight I’m done with that! lol

Folks were Tweeting up a storm about it. They had “Illuminati” Trending, Which is funny to me because because the people just throw The Illuminati out there like a brand rather than the mysterious tool which creates the distraction.

I Enjoyed it all …

Chavo Guerrero was released by the WWE. and his statement was basically that he wasn’t happy. It would be great to see him in TNA. but I doubt he’d go any time soon.

I also saw some UWF stuff and I hope they get big.  the only bad thing is. They’re promoting it in a bad way IMO.

I’m Out for now…

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